GoodDay Visits Federico

Last Wednesday we opened our doors at 5:30am and welcomed the GoodDay Sacramento crew for behind the scenes look at how we achieve some of this year’s hottest Halloween looks. Our students worked the morning away transforming fellow students into the popular Harley Quinn, The Joker, and a zombie bride. We even had a pretty princess because who doesn’t love a little glitter? News reporter, Cambi Brown, even got in on the fun and the students transformed her into the iconic, Lucille Ball.

Ambassador Chance E. documented the entire morning, capturing photos from start to finish. The final looks absolutely floored us. Our students worked so hard perfecting these looks and it really showed. If you are interested in getting your Halloween makeup done by one of our talented students, you can book an appointment by calling 916.929.4242.

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Check out the videos below to see the full transformation;

Federico Halloween Pt1Federico Halloween Pt2Federico Halloween Pt3 and Federico Halloween Pt4

Federico recognizes Alex G. as RIC Star

Recently at Federico, we decided to start a new program that recognizes some of our amazing staff members who we like to call RIC star. It came as no surprise that admin staff member Alejandro G. won the title as our first RIC star.

ric star


For those that know Alex, he embodies all that is RIC. He is so respectful to his peers and students. He is constantly inspiring us to be as optimistic as he is and if you have attended any of his graduation ceremonies, then you know the man can create like no other. Alex actually started at Federico in January of 2014 as a cafe staff member but by May of 2015 Alex joined the admin staff as our Alumni Services Coordinator. We had the chance to sit down with Alex this week and learn more about the man behind the luscious hair and unique sense of style.

ric star

JD: What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?

AG: I cannot live without the sense of peace, whether at work, my house or with foes.

JD: What is the greatest challenge you have had to overcome in your life thus far?

AG: I am a really methodical guy, with that said, learning English was THE greatest challenge. English is really tricky…pronunciation, grammar and sometimes it doesn’t make sense at all. I am still working on my language skills.

JD: What is your favorite thing to do?

AG: Learn, I love to learn whatever I possibly can, small or large.

ric star


JD: Where is the most interesting place you’ve traveled to and why?

AG: Imagination land. That place is amazing, it gives you the opportunity to be whoever you want, also the sets are unbelievable.  In there you can practice daily issues of the day and always you can come up with a solution. So besides being a great place to travel, it is also a lab in which you can apply your knowledge directly into real life.

JD: What’s the weirdest job you’ve ever had?

AG: Being a cook, I do not like to cook.

JD: What is your favorite thing to do?

AG: Learn, I love to learn whatever I possibly can, small or large.

JD: What would you do (for a career) if you weren’t doing this?

AG: Probably a great singer but nature denies me the sweet, strong voice to do so. Or a forensic medic, those patients don’t complain!

ric star


JD: What are your three most overused words/phrases?

AG: “At your orders”, “Thank you very much”, and “Oh hell no.”

JD: Tell us something that might surprise us about you.

AG: I learned Spanish, French, Japanese, German, Latin and English but unfortunately lack of practice made me lose all that knowledge.  Also, I know how to dance the samba!
ric star

When asked what three traits define him as a person, he explained he is hard working, has a love for life, and follows what he believes even if it is different than others or against what he may feel at the time. His personal philosophy is to be proactive, cordial and love life. Never stop learning or believing in yourself. One of his favorite sayings is “Life is like a light bulb, you never know when it will stop working so shine your light until the end.” We are so proud to have Alex as a part of our Federico family and even more proud of him for winning the RIC star title. Congratulations Alex!


Federico Symposium


This week we held our 16th annual Federico Symposium. This is an event our students and alumni look forward to all year. The students got the chance to meet with local salons, shops and spas to network, check out career opportunities and also get product knowledge from our suppliers.

Federico symposium
Dave’s Barbershop in Elk Grove teamed up with AJ’s Elixirs

We kicked the day off with an exclusive homeroom panel for our current students. Our panelist included Federico Creative Director Adam Federico, Nuts and Bolts Business Director Colin Wilson, barbering alumni, Salon Manager and barber Jeffrey Pledger, esthetics alumni and Freelance Makeup Artist April Lopes (@pipsqueek) and Andis International Educator Dave Diggs. We discussed social media do’s and don’ts, how to build your brand and professionalism in and out of the workplace.


After taking a quick break, the students were invited back into our ballroom to find that we had completely transformed it. With 27 different booths to visit, the students kept busy by networking and watching product demos. They even had the opportunity to see live hair cutting by the AJF academy, coloring demos by Schwarzkopf and a live botox/lip and cheek filler demo from Destination Aesthetics.

img_5411 img_5417 img_5418 img_5408

At the end of the day, the students left with lots of new knowledge on products, and techniques that they were excited to try out for themselves. Special thank you to all our booth attendees! We are excited to start planning our symposium for next year!

Chalk It Up 2017

In the past, Federico has participated in our local Chalk it Up event located at Fremont park in Downtown Sacramento. Usually, we just provided free hair chalking but this year we added a free braid bar to help keep attendees nice and cool during the three-day event.

chalk it up

Our students had a great time interacting with chalk goers. From first time chalkers to chalk masters, it was a great mix of skill levels. The event showcased local bands, a kid zone, an array of street food to choose from and of course lots and lots of chalk art.

chalk it up

All money raised during the festival is given out as grants to local youth artists. We can’t wait to attend again next year!
chalk it up

Alumni Advice

We have heard it time and time again during graduation speeches,

“If I could go back, one thing I would do differently while in school was…” 

But what about once you are licensed? What are things you know now that you would tell yourself as a student? We got the chance to ask a few of our alumni and made a list of the top three alumni advice

3) Join the externship program

alumni advice
Student Xavier with extern badge

The externship program gives you the upper hand to “test drive” a business before actually making the commitment to work there. Many alumni who took advantage of the program while enrolled said it is something all students should at least try once!

2)Sit in the front row

alumni advice
Studies prove students who sit in the front row perform better

Whether its homeroom, class or an advanced education event, always sit in the front row. You have a better view of the whiteboard or monitor. Also, it is easier to pay attention to what is being said because there are no people in front of you to distract you. Another perk of sitting in the front row is being the face that a guest artist or speaker sees most. It is a great way for you to network and show how serious you are about your craft and education.

1) Just do it

alumni advice

Go ahead and pull the first strip of wax! Get in there and cut a fringe! Turn on your clippers and go for it. A lot of times as a student, you get nervous. You’re not quite sure if it’s the right technique. So what is the advice from past students? Just do it! Be confident in yourself and don’t second guess it. Yes, you will make mistakes but you are in school so you can learn from these mistakes and perfect a technique that works for you. Always keep a positive attitude about any service you are going to perform and greatness will follow!

Matty Conrad visits Federico

Schwarzkopf artist, Matty Conrad joined us for an evening Gala where the platform artist presented several pre-done men’s contemporary haircuts, as well as an on-stage demo. He also taught a contemporary barbering class. Drawing heavily from inspirations of the past, attendees learned to create classic looks while growing technical cutting and styling skills. Below are photos from his two days here.

matty conrad
Matty prepping his model, barbering student Chance E., for the night
matty conrad
Cosmos and barbers were in attendance
matty conrad
Osis product display
matty conrad
Matty took a quick break to pose with barber alumni, Amos S.
matty conrad
Finished looks from the night
matty conrad
Matty had everyone’s attention
matty conrad
Day Two, Matty had lots of help from a barbering student, Dustin M.
matty conrad
Minds were blown after a full day class

If you are interested in attended future events like this one, check out Federico Advanced for upcoming classes