Another Amazing Student Ambassador Shoot

The time has come for another Student Ambassador Photo shoot at Federico and our students amazed us, yet again! With only two students participating this time around, they were given the opportunity to have a lot of fun with multiple hairstyles. Under the direction of Cosmetology Educator, Ms. April, and our in house photographer, Nicholas Wray, these young ladies showed what an education at Federico can offer. Student, Patty S. gave her model beautiful silver, pink and purple curls, while Brandy G. gave her model an edgy cut with a blue and green peek-a-boo.  Pops of color and natural makeup seemed to be the unofficial theme for the shoot. Take a look at some of our behind the scenes photos! We can’t wait for the finished product (obviously)!

Date Night Styles with Schwarzkopf

When our students have questions about date night styles and how to achieve them, we bring in the professionals! Tuesday, we were super lucky to have the fabulous J-Travis from Schwarzkopf who brought along Celebrity Stylist, Genia Church to show us how to create beautiful styles using OSiS products. Genia has worked with celebs like Andy Grammer, Gavin DeGraw, Jeannie Mai and Lance Bass at award shows like the American Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards and BET Awards and she also styles models at New York Fashion Week (including my absolute favorite designer, Betsey Johnson!). She didn’t just come to show us a few of the hottest hair styles for Valentine’s Day, Genia also gave our students some pretty amazing advice! She told them how important it is to “be a sponge in this industry” and to not be afraid to work with different hair textures. It was a pretty fun and inspiring morning to say the least.

Our first model was student, Shelby, and Genia started by prepping her dry hair with Undercoat by OSiS and giving her lots and lots of different sized curls that she created by using a wand and chopsticks! Yes, chopsticks! It’s pretty simple; you just wrap a small section of hair around a chopstick like you would your wand, then run your flat iron across it and BAM! you have a small spiral curl. Once the curls were done, she sprinkled Shelby’s hair with a little Dust It and worked that in by combing through the curls with her fingers. She then sprayed her hair with Freeze for hold and then finished her off with Sparkler to add some shine.

That style alone was gorgeous but Genia took it to the next level by taking that look from day to night by doing a few knotted buns and securing them with pins to create a curly Mohawk.

Our next model was student, Jesus, who came with naturally curly hair. We found out that he typically wears his hair the same everyday so Genia decided to switch it up. She prepped his hair with Flatliner which is a great heat protector then blow dried his curls until his hair was straight. She then used a flat iron to smooth out the exterior and combed his hair into a sleek pompadour. To finish of the style, Genia sprayed Jesus’ hair with Freeze and blow dried it just a tad more for maximum hold.

Our last model was student, Trent, and Genia chose to take his Valentine’s hair from day to night by starting classic and then going a little grunge. Just like Jesus, she prepped his hair with Flatliner then blow dried and flat ironed his hair until it was nice and smooth. She then applied Mighty Matte for a classic side part.

Now for the night look! Genia brought back Trent’s texture by using a blow dryer and Denman brush then applying a little Mess Up to … well, mess up his mane. The result was a runway-ready spiked look.

If you ask me, J-Travis and Genia Church did an amazing job getting our students date night ready and all of the products mentioned above are available in our beauty boutique! If you need a new look for Valentine’s Day, book an appointment with one of our students today by calling 916-929-4242.

Products We Swear By

Today I took a quick stroll to our beauty boutique because I left my beloved Denman Brush in Arizona a few weekends ago. I’ve been absolutely miserable without it because it’s the only brush that doesn’t pull my hair out when using it. I’ve been stuck using some random brush that I got as a free gift with an eyeshadow purchase (or something like that) years ago and it’s totally not the same. When I was about to pay for my brush, Tina in the boutique recommended a new brush; the Y.S. Park Pro Straight Air Styler. She called it the “Rolls Royce of hair brushes” so I couldn’t turn it down. I can’t wait to try it out!

So this had me thinking, “What tools and products can’t others live without?” I decided to walk around campus and ask other staff members and students the same question. Hopefully these product reviews will give you the confidence to try something new on that mane of yours.

Tina, Beauty Boutique Cashier:
“OSiS Curl Honey is great for natural hair and doesn’t leave you with crunchy curls. Newsha High Performance Leave in Conditioner is seriously a miracle in a bottle! It’s great for heat damaged hair, processed hair and a little goes a long way. We literally sell out every 2 weeks. I have them both in my hair right now.”

Paul, Student:
“I really like Tame Wild by OSiS … because it tames my wild hair!”

Leticia, Graphic Designer:
“The product I swear by would definitely be the Momo line by Davines…. Because it’s the bomb! No really, if you’re having a hard time relaxing your frizz and dehydrated hair, Momo is the line to consider. It’s non-greasy, really light and it always left my hair soft & shiny!”

Shelby, Student:
“ I also love Newsha Leave in Conditioner because it’s a highly effective leave in spray that conditions and protects my hair.”


If you are interested in any, or all, of these products, drop by our Beauty Boutique:
Tuesdays 11-6
Wednesdays 10-8:30
Thursdays 10-6
Fridays 10-8:30
Saturdays 9-5

Nu Goth Beauty

Do you remember the girls in middle school that only wore black nail polish, heavy eyeliner and mohawks? Well they are beauty gurus now! The Goth style has evolved into not only one of today’s hottest trends but one of the most inspiring ways of life. Despite the common misconception, identifying as Goth does not mean you are an evil person.  The culture is actually for lovers of everything that others may find dark and mysterious.

There are different subcultures of Goth, like Pastel, Cyber and Victorian, but one of the most popular ones is Nu Goth. It’s like a mix between “traditional” Goth and grunge. The clothes are insanely trendy and the makeup is absolutely gorgeous! Think Morticia Addams meets Lana Del Rey.  There are a few things you need to achieve this look; a bold brow, smudged eyeliner, heavy mascara, and a dark lippy. If black is your favorite color, this look is definitely for you! But don’t feel like you have to be #TeamAllBlackEverything, colors like maroon, plum and midnight blue will also give you that shadowy style.

After researching the Nu Goth trend, I was ready to ditch everything in my closet and take a trip to Forever 21 for an all new, all black wardrobe. I’ll also be opting out for darker lip shades and fuller lashes. I’m not sure if I’m ready to take the full Goth plunge, but I’m definitely getting there while remembering these wise words along the way:

“Life is not all lovely thorns and singing vultures, you know.” –Morticia Addams

90’s Hair Will Never Go Out of Style


It might be 2017 but our current hair trends and accessories are screaming 1995! Chokers and over sized denim jackets are back and it looks as if 90s hair will never go out of style. Pop in your Spice Girls CD (You know you still have it!) and check out these 7 hair trends that are going to give you all kinds of nostalgic feels!

Double Buns
Nothing says 90s grunge like a pair of hair buns. Whether you refer to them as space buns, double buns, or fun buns, you know this hairstyle has the power to make you stand out in a crowd.


Box Braids
You don’t need to have seen the movie Poetic Justice to know that Janet Jackson was the first one to make box braids fashionable. Typically, box braids are used as a “protective hairstyle” but they are becoming even more fashion forward by using bright colored hair and embellishments.

Baby Hair
Baby hair isn’t just for your little girls anymore. More and more grown women are pulling out the tooth brush and gel to add a finishing touch to their favorite hair styles just like Chilli from TLC. I’m all for laying down the edges but let’s put an end to over-swooping and make sure our baby hairs aren’t getting a style of their own.

Topanga Ponytail
Topanga’s hair was hands down my favorite thing about Boy Meets World. She had the hair that every girl dreamed of and that ponytail she rocked will forever be one of my favorite go-to hairstyles because it works with all hair types.

Shaggy Bob
Rachel made the shaggy bob iconic and I can’t say that the style has ever gone away! It’s a hairstyle that has managed to stay trendy decade after decade. We no longer have to hate that awkward length after our bob starts to grow out!

Flower Crowns
I don’t know about you but every time I see a daisy flower crown, all I can think about is the beautiful and bubbly Drew Barrymore in her prime. They’ve become popular at festivals and weddings or you can just wear one when you just need to feel like a fairy for the day.

Bantu Knots
When I was in the third grade, I went to see Spice World with my best friend. I remember seeing Scary Spice in her bantu knots and instantly thinking that I couldn’t wait until I got home so that I could ask my sister to do my hair in the same style. Bantu Knots are extremely popular in the natural hair community and one of the coolest fashion statements around.

Now, if only I can get someone to bring back butterfly clips and scrunchies, my heart will be full.

2017 Winter Graduation

This past Saturday I got to attend my very first Graduation Ceremony at Federico. Our ballroom was filled with families and friends of the 2017 Winter Graduates and everyone was overcome with excitement and emotion. Typically when I leave any other graduation I feel exhausted and just happy that it’s over but not this time. I not only left feeling insanely inspired, but being around such beautifully positive people definitely set the tone for the rest of my day. After listening to the students speak so highly of their Teachers and the programs they’d just completed, I at one point thought to myself, “Maybe I can cut some hair!” (Everyone around me knows that the last thing I need is another career goal!) We have our amazing Alumni Services Coordinator, Alex and his team to thank for such a beautiful ceremony. Congrats Grads!!

Ms. Cindy was the emcee for the morning and I’d say she made Alex proud with all of her jokes. She was hilarious!


Our very own Mr. Doug is not only an Educator, but he is now officially a Federico Graduate after completing the Barber Transfer program!


President, Jeremy Federico took some time to wish all of our Grads good luck (after his speech was basically stolen throughout the ceremony.)



Congrats to the Winter Class of 2017. We are all extremely proud of you and we can’t wait to see what this industry has in store for you guys!