For 5 years now, Federico has participated in The American Cancer Society’s walk, Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. The 5k walk helps raise funds to assist in the cost of breast cancer research; provide free, comprehensive information and support to those touched by breast cancer. This year Federico will be walking under the name #teamanne2015, and we will also be launching limited edition pink Federico hoodies to show our support for the walk. $5.00 of every hoodie sold will go to the American Cancer Society.

Cancer has always been a cause that hits close to home for the Federico family. Anne Federico, Gary’s wife and mother of Jeremy, Joseph, and Adam, passed away from breast cancer in 2005. Her passing was a huge loss to the family and in her honor they’ve strived to do what they can to support other families affected by cancer. On top of that, Jeremy Federico was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2013 and though he is in remission right now, it’s something that he will constantly live with.

Even before getting involved with Making Strides, Federico Beauty Institute was been assisting those affected by cancer. Anne founded the Federico Wig Bank program all the way back in 1982. Using money raised by our Casual-for-a-Cause days along with donations from industry vendors and the American Cancer Society, Federico has provided free wigs and styling services to people going through treatment and needing a bit of a self-esteem boost.

Please join us in our effort to make strides against Cancer. Register here and sign up to be part of #teamanne2015.

New Barber Transfers

Our first class of licensed cosmetology students started in our Barber program this week! They will be attending for 240 hours in order to receive their Barbering license. The program consists of training in straight razor shaves and classic to contemporary Barbering techniques. It builds upon the knowledge they already have as experienced Cosmetologists and tailor their skills towards barbering. It also includes State Board boot camp to prepare them for the Barbering State Board Exam.

Federico Barber Program

This first class is a small one, but there are already a few familiar faces in it. Three of the five students are Federico alumni, and it’s so great to have them back with us! All five students have been successfully working as stylists for a few years now, and each has their own reasons for furthering their education. Alumni Taylor B. has been working as a stylist for five years now, and is hoping to grow her male clientel at her current salon. Grant N. is wanting to grow with the current boom in men’s’ grooming and barbering. It’s a growing field and he’s excited to see where it will take him.

Federico Barber Program

Federico Barber Program

We can’t wait to see how these experienced cosmos approach all the new skills they will be taught and we couldn’t be happier with this new class! Welcome!

Educator Spotlight: Ms. April P.

Federico Beauty Institute

JNS: First off April, let me say how glad we all are to have you here as part of the Federico family. What made you want to work for Federico?

AP: Being an Educator is not always about having a fixed agenda and being rigid, but about being flexible, fluid, and willing to experiment. It’s about having the confidence to react and adjust to changing circumstances. I knew Federico was all about that! Having been an educator for another school before this, I’ve seen the other side of things. There’s more than one way to skin a cat.  Federico is open to their educators teaching the students techniques that work for each individual student.  It’s tailored to their needs. They have a solid curriculum/foundation here, in addition to having a reputation for being cutting edge and current, but let’s get real… if all you have is a hammer…everything looks like a nail! Offering a creative balance is essential in producing well-rounded future stylists.

JNS: What’s your favorite difference between being an educator and being behind the chair?

AP: As much as I love teaching, I’m also very dedicated to my clients.  Being present and available in the salon is vital.  Over the years, I’ve had to find a creative balance for myself in juggling life in the salon, life as an educator, all the while, never neglecting my own need for continuous education.  It’s never enough for me to just have one thing going on.  Maybe it’s the Gemini in me.  Expanding in every avenue possible and perfecting my craft, not just practicing, remains first and foremost.  With that being said, I love being in the salon! It’s MY time to play, to create, to put my passion to work. I still have the opportunity to teach there too.  I’m always educating my clients; it’s just on a different forum.  At the end of the day, when I’m in front of the classroom, surrounded by eager minds, teaching, it’s about sharing your passion with the students in a way that catches them.  It’s like locking eyes with a student in the back row and seeing the synapses and neurons connecting, thoughts being formed, the person becoming better, and a smile cracking across a face as learning all of a sudden happens. Their “AH-HA” moment is the best! Also when that former student says your course changed her/his life. GAH!! A good teacher practices their craft not for the money or because they have to, but because they truly enjoy it and because they want to. Whoever said “those who can’t do, teach”, never worked in our industry!

ZGAT Academy

JNS: What do you love most about being an educator?

AP: You mean aside from it being a platform for me to make the students laugh? No, really, I’m all about being self-deprecating and not taking myself too seriously.  At any minute in the classroom, you can find me making innocuous jokes, mostly at my own expense.  This definitely breaks the ice and the students learn in a more relaxed atmosphere where, like them, I’m human with my own share of faults and shortcomings.  It’s the freedom to teach with style. Does it need to be entertaining? ABSOLUTELY!!! Does this mean that it lacks in substance? Not a chance! I don’t need to have  both hands glued to a podium or have their eyes fixated on a slide projector while I drone on. I’ll work the room and every student in it!  It’s comfortable for me and to be honest, it’s perfect for someone like me who hates sitting still! I look at teaching like an orchestra. All students play different instruments and at varying proficiency. My job is to develop skills and make these instruments come to life as a coherent whole…at full volume!

JNS: Do you have any advice for students that are just starting out?

AP: I say this to every student I’ve had the opportunity to teach, “RELAX!! Be patient with yourself.  This is all about the journey. Mastering doesn’t happen overnight.  If it did, we wouldn’t need a career long program of constant education.   Your education in this industry should never stop. Continuous education and evolving is the key to any craft and if I ever stop learning, well, then there’s something seriously wrong with me…PLEASE, hit my reset button!”

April Pierce

JNS: That’s fantastic; we’re all about continued education here! Do you have any future projects you are excited for in school or out of?

AP: Funny you should ask! I mean, if I didn’t have any projects up my sleeve, I’d lose my mind.  Staying idle just doesn’t suit me.  Welllll, after a few years at great salon, I finally made the choice to transition into a new salon.  I’m now in full swing! I’m shakin’ things up over at Alchemy Salon and Spa! It’s been a careful and gradual transition for me. My clients are long time and loyal, so for that, I needed to make sure this would be a favorable move for everyone.  Everyone at Alchemy has been so welcoming and supportive! I’m really grateful to be working for such an awesome team! In other news, we just finished the makeup curriculum for AJF Academy!  We’re launching this intensive makeup artistry program September 22nd and I’m going to be heading that course!   Yep, first one to teach it!  We just shot the looks yesterday that we’ll be using and eventually recreating during the course.  It’s been really exciting to be part of the development of it and now it’s finally coming to fruition! My schedule is pretty busy at the moment, but I’m ready to hit the ground runnin’.  I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Federico Salon Symposium 2015

Federico Salon Symposium

On September 15th we hosted our 15th annual Salon Symposium. Over the years our Salon Symposium has grown exponentially. It started out with the intention of strengthening the local hair community, bringing together local salons and salon professionals to network with our students. This would allow students to meet with future employers in a setting that was less formal and intimidating than a standard interview, while also allowing them to learn about a salon’s culture. It has since grown to include brands and a stage presentations that feature talented artist and speakers sharing their knowledge and skills that have been honed over years of working in the industry. Not just their knowledge on how to do hair, but on life as well. Business building, life skills, motivational speaking, developing your aesthetic; all topics are covered by our guest artists, providing information that is relevant to all levels of beauty industry professionals.

Federico Salon Symposium Makeup DesignoryFederico Salon Symposium Jamie RourkeFederico Salon Symposium Dave Diggs

As usual we went bigger and better this year, featuring seven stage presentations and thirty booth participants. Our president, Jeremy Federico, did a fantastic job of hosting the morning, keeping things moving between each act and the quick stage changes. It was a busy morning, with speeches  from Adam Federico, Salon B and Color Zoom winner Derrick Zeno along with live Men’s Cutting demos from Andis barber, Dave Diggs and Jamie Rourke of Schwartzkopf and RO Style Salon in Florida.

Federico Salon Symposium Mikey Teeze

There were also live styling demos by Mikey Teeze with KMS and MUSE Art Haus. Marci Landgraf and MUSE have always put on an amazing show when they come through, and this time was no different! This year they had nine models on stage decked out in fantastically surreal white outfits provided by Richard Hallmarq of Project Runway. Her team completed their strong editorial looks on stage while giving tips and tricks for completing their looks that they’ve honed over their years of session work.

Federico Salon Symposium Muse Art Haus

Federico Salon Symposium AJF Salon

While the attendees broke for lunch, the staff and student volunteers executed a quick and surprisingly seamless room change to transform the ballroom into an exposition hall for the trade show. Once everything was up and running, students were able to visit with salon owners and brands to learn about what their culture was and what future job opportunities were out there. This year featured a good mix of cosmetologists, barbers, and estheticians. Brands like Image Skincare and MUD cosmetics got to be side by side with local businesses like Barber Blues, and Maverique Style House. We also had larger chains such as Great Clips out doing raffles and speaking with students about positions that were available at their many locations.

Federico Salon Symposium Image Skincare

Federico Salon Symposium Derek Zeno

After a few hours of networking the day finally started to wind down. It was a long and exciting day and none of it would have been possible without all the hard work from the participating artists, staff and students that volunteered their time to be there bright and early to set things up and help everything run smoothly.

Federico Salon Symposium Mikey Teeze KMS

Federico Salon Symposium Student Ambassadors

Thank you everyone who came out and we can’t wait to do it again next year.

Chalk It Up!

Federico Hair chalk

This last Labor Day weekend was the 25th annual Chalk it Up, and you know what that means! Federico was out on the square getting down on some hair! 

Chalk It Up is an annual free chalk-art and music festival, allowing local artists and businesses to create temporary art on the sidewalks around Fremont Park. The proceeds from this annual event benefit youth art programs in the Sacramento and Surrounding Areas via grants. This event brings out hundreds of people each year and this year we were lucky enough to be able to participate.

FKA Twigs

Led by our ever busy outreach manager, Ms. Kay, our students spent the three-day-weekend providing hair chalking services to enthusiastic attendees. In between chalking, students spent time telling festival attendees about the services offered by Federico while inviting them to visit our campus.

Many alumni, current students and staff also stopped by with their families to visit with us and receive some hair chalking and interact with us and support the arts.

festival hair chalkHair Chalk on Federico employee Brian H.

However, they didn’t just chalk hair! Plucky pets and faces also received the pastel treatment.

It was a long, hot weekend, but so much fun. Thank you to all the students and artists that made it such an exciting event.

The 15th Annual Salon Symposium

Federico Salon Symposium 2014

On September 15th Federico will be hosting the 15th Annual Federico Salon Symposium. Last year’s symposium was a huge success, featuring stage shows by DJ Muldoon and Douglas McCoy, Goldwell, Arrojo, and AJF Salon and this year we plan on going even bigger!

Model Peyton Vizenor for AJF Salon. Hair by Ericka Verrett – 2014
Adam Federico with AJF Salon models – 2014
Arrojo model being prepped – 2014
Makeup demos during the Expo – 2014

This year’s lineup includes presentations by Jamie Rourke of Schwartzkopf Professional, doing classic and trendy men’s looks, as well as a demo from Andis Barber and author Dave Diggs.

Model by Jamie Rourke
Dave Diggs
Dave Diggs

We will also have local favorites Salon B and Muse Art Haus on stage presenting their best and brightest stylists, along with Goldwell/KMS and the newly launched AJF Academy team.

Model by Salon B
Model by Salon B
Model by AJF Academy – Hair by Siouxsie Kalifornia
Model by AJF Academy – color by Erin Flores

After the morning presentations we will be turning the Ballroom in to a giant expo hall; and so that we can feature even more local salons, we will be expanding to the Foyer as well. With over 30 local and national salons and brands participating, we expect this year’s Symposium to be our most exciting yet! If you would like to attend please contact advanced@federico.edu to reserve your free ticket!

Check out the video from last year’s festivities as well!