90’s Hair Will Never Go Out of Style


It might be 2017 but our current hair trends and accessories are screaming 1995! Chokers and over sized denim jackets are back and it looks as if 90s hair will never go out of style. Pop in your Spice Girls CD (You know you still have it!) and check out these 7 hair trends that are going to give you all kinds of nostalgic feels!

Double Buns
Nothing says 90s grunge like a pair of hair buns. Whether you refer to them as space buns, double buns, or fun buns, you know this hairstyle has the power to make you stand out in a crowd.


Box Braids
You don’t need to have seen the movie Poetic Justice to know that Janet Jackson was the first one to make box braids fashionable. Typically, box braids are used as a “protective hairstyle” but they are becoming even more fashion forward by using bright colored hair and embellishments.

Baby Hair
Baby hair isn’t just for your little girls anymore. More and more grown women are pulling out the tooth brush and gel to add a finishing touch to their favorite hair styles just like Chilli from TLC. I’m all for laying down the edges but let’s put an end to over-swooping and make sure our baby hairs aren’t getting a style of their own.

Topanga Ponytail
Topanga’s hair was hands down my favorite thing about Boy Meets World. She had the hair that every girl dreamed of and that ponytail she rocked will forever be one of my favorite go-to hairstyles because it works with all hair types.

Shaggy Bob
Rachel made the shaggy bob iconic and I can’t say that the style has ever gone away! It’s a hairstyle that has managed to stay trendy decade after decade. We no longer have to hate that awkward length after our bob starts to grow out!

Flower Crowns
I don’t know about you but every time I see a daisy flower crown, all I can think about is the beautiful and bubbly Drew Barrymore in her prime. They’ve become popular at festivals and weddings or you can just wear one when you just need to feel like a fairy for the day.

Bantu Knots
When I was in the third grade, I went to see Spice World with my best friend. I remember seeing Scary Spice in her bantu knots and instantly thinking that I couldn’t wait until I got home so that I could ask my sister to do my hair in the same style. Bantu Knots are extremely popular in the natural hair community and one of the coolest fashion statements around.

Now, if only I can get someone to bring back butterfly clips and scrunchies, my heart will be full.

2017 Winter Graduation

This past Saturday I got to attend my very first Graduation Ceremony at Federico. Our ballroom was filled with families and friends of the 2017 Winter Graduates and everyone was overcome with excitement and emotion. Typically when I leave any other graduation I feel exhausted and just happy that it’s over but not this time. I not only left feeling insanely inspired, but being around such beautifully positive people definitely set the tone for the rest of my day. After listening to the students speak so highly of their Teachers and the programs they’d just completed, I at one point thought to myself, “Maybe I can cut some hair!” (Everyone around me knows that the last thing I need is another career goal!) We have our amazing Alumni Services Coordinator, Alex and his team to thank for such a beautiful ceremony. Congrats Grads!!

Ms. Cindy was the emcee for the morning and I’d say she made Alex proud with all of her jokes. She was hilarious!


Our very own Mr. Doug is not only an Educator, but he is now officially a Federico Graduate after completing the Barber Transfer program!


President, Jeremy Federico took some time to wish all of our Grads good luck (after his speech was basically stolen throughout the ceremony.)



Congrats to the Winter Class of 2017. We are all extremely proud of you and we can’t wait to see what this industry has in store for you guys!

Ms. Jasmine, Federico’s Newest RIC Star

I’m relatively new on campus and I’m still in the process of getting to know everyone. Esthetician Educator, Ms. Jasmine P. was announced as our next RIC Star and after sitting down with her for our interview, it became insanely obvious why she was chosen.  That woman is AWESOME! Ms. Jasmine’s laughter is infectious, her positivity is so pleasant, she absolutely loves what she does and I felt like I was catching up with one of my closest friends. If you ask around, they will tell you that Ms. Jasmine has admirable attendance, she is very approachable and is loved by every single one of her students.

DR: Were you excited to hear that you were chosen to be RIC Star? How did it make you feel?
JP: I was sitting there with a mouth full of cookie like “Oh that’s me!”

DR: What do you love the most about working here?
JP: I love that we’re a family! We are all here with the common goal of making the students successful.

DR: What’s something we don’t know about you?
JP: I was actually in the military for 5 years and everyone already knows that I have two kids that operate at 100 mph!

DR: What’s the toughest thing about your job?
JP: It’s hard to say because I love everything that I do here.

DR: If there was anything else you could do as a career, what would it be?
JP: I wanted to be an RN because I absolutely adore babies! I wanted to experience being around the mommies as they grow and glow.

DR: Before working at Federico, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?
JP: I don’t know how unusual it is but it was annoying! In the military I had to sit around all day and wait for ammo shells to bring back to my post and melt them down. It was a pain!

DR: If there were a movie made about your life, who would you choose to play you?
JP: I really like Viola Davis and Kerry Washington.
*I would like to add that Jasmine’s doppleganger is Octavia Spencer and if it were up to me then that’s who I’d choose to play her!

DR: Do you recall any embarrassing moments at work?
JP: I tried to do a winged eyeliner in front of an Advanced Training class. There was nothing advanced about it.

DR: Do you have a favorite quote?
JP: “It is better to have and need than to need and not have.” My Dad used to tell me that all the time and it stuck with me.

DR: What children’s character can you relate to most? And why?
JP: Tasmanian Devil; I start my day at 6am and it doesn’t stop until 11pm.

If you have never had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Jasmine, do me a favor and say hello. I promise her presence has the power to make your day!

Textured Updos at the Golden Globes

If you’re anything like me, you were glued to the TV Sunday evening for the biggest event in Hollywood. I don’t mean the Golden Globes, but the Golden Globes RED CARPET! Every year I look forward to looking out for the best and worst dressed on the red carpet and this year I couldn’t help but notice a fabulous hair trend, textured updos. Celebrities like Issa Rae and Tracee Ellis Ross not only arrived dressed as chic as can be, but proved that your hair is your crown. Check out these Goddesses and try to tell me that their hairstyles aren’t everything!

Actress, Issa Rae, made her debut on the red carpet in a beaded gown by Christian Siriano and continues to be an inspiration to the Natural hair community. The star of Insecure proved to be very secure in her confidence with a double twisted coif.

Actress/Singer Janelle Monae made sure that all eyes were on her. We’ve gotten used to seeing her in tuxedos but when she stepped onto the Red Carpet, I instantly said “Those legs!” but quickly changed it to “That hair!” Who else do you know that can pull off a mane full of pearls?!

Actress, Tracee Ellis Ross, has been #CurlyHairGoals since I was in Middle School. All of Dr. Rainbow Johnson’s hairstyles on the hit comedy Black-ish can be added to your “Natural Hair Inspo” board on Pinterest. Her simple, curly ponytail at the Golden Globes proved that sometimes less is more.

Zazie Beetz, star of the new series, Atlanta, served some of the hottest trends all in one; minimalistic eye makeup, a little side-boob and a messy but oh-so-fabulous updo! Zazie made me just a little more confident that my hair can be fancy with some curls and a few bobby pins. “Bed-head chic” if you will.

The Red Carpet was full of radiance and one thing was evident, these ladies came to slay!

Student Ambassadors Wow Us With Photoshoot

The photos are in and are more incredible than we could’ve ever imagined. Each and every look you see was done by a student at Federico. From the cut to the color and style, our Student Ambassadors have absolutely outdone themselves!  Just take a look for yourself!

A special thank you to our very own Adam Federico for directing the shoot, Nicholas Wray for doing such an awesome job (as always) capturing our student’s models and to all of our Student Ambassadors that participated. I must say I’m impressed by the work and I can’t wait to see what the industry has in store for all of them.

Check out the behind the scenes photos here

Federico Beauty Institute Honored for Facilities in Modern Salon Media’s 2016 “EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION” Cosmetology School Recognition Program

MODERN SALON Media has named the 2016 class of “Excellence in Education” honorees in its sixth annual program recognizing leadership and best practices among cosmetology schools. Federico Beauty Institute of Sacramento, California, was chosen to represent excellence in the category of Facilities. MODERN SALON Publisher Steve Reiss announced the honorees during the AACS (American Association of Cosmetology Schools) 2016 convention in Orlando, Florida on November 5th.

Honorees were determined based on key criteria in each category, and grouped according to number of locations. Honorees were chosen in each category—one individual school location, and a multi-location school organization.

“We received applications from cosmetology schools across the country and look forward to celebrating all the 2016 Excellence in Education honorees and sharing their stories.  It is truly a great time to pursue a beauty education and career, and the program at Federico Beauty Institute exemplifies that fact,” MODERN SALON Editorial Director Michele Musgrove says.

Sharing stories of innovation, inspiration and collaboration from a diverse group of leading schools is an important part of MODERN SALON’s “Excellence in Education” mission, Musgrove explains. “We want to help spread the word about the exceptional work cosmetology schools are doing to help launch beautiful careers. We hope the professional salon industry and their communities will join us in celebrating them.”

For more information about MODERN SALON Media, please visit modernsalon.com.  For more information about Excellence in Education please visit modernsalon.co