Maria C. is the Café Fed Manager and has been with Federico for 8 years now. In that time she has worn many hats. She has also grown and changed along with the Federico Beauty Institute. We sat down to find out a little bit more about her!

Maria C.

JNS:  Hi Maria! Thank you so much for speaking with me, I know how busy you are. First off, what made you want to work for Federico?

MC: When I started here at Federico it was because my mother’s neighbor was a previous employee here and had worked in the café. She had told me about a position open here and at the time I was unemployed and needed a job. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it, but I knew what the company was about and it seemed like a pretty cool set up. It ended up growing on me and I’ve now been with Federico for around 8 years, with just a few leaves from having my two kids. I started here before I had even finished my senior year of high school as a cashier, and now I am a little older and a little wiser, with two kids. My official position here has gone from cashier to Café Manager.

Maria C and Adam Federico

JNS: How is it working around so many beauty industry professionals? Have you ever considered switching sides and doing hair or skin?

MC: When I first started working here I was still a teenager and people would always ask me if I was a student here. I would tell them I was actually an employee. I don’t see myself doing that type of career but I enjoy watching the students learn and grow. You can learn a lot just from being around it all the time.

Maria C

JNS: Do you have any advice for students that are just starting out on how to make their time here better?

MC: I honestly recommend any future student to take advantage of the help they provide here. They offer a ton of amazing advanced education to help you learn and develop your skills. Also the educators are very helpful and they will teach you anything that you need help with.  Sometimes I even ask the educators for advice and suggestions for when I get my hair done. I think that people come to start their career and they start to struggle because they don’t think to ask for help or fully take advantage of all the knowledge and experience the people here bring. They try their best but then give up too easily. This company is one big family that is here to support each other with any problems that students encounter, but if you need help, you need to ask for it.

Maria and Julia

JNS: Such good advice. It can be hard to ask for help, but once you do, it’s amazing how much you can learn. I say, always ask questions… Ok, on to lighter stuff. What are 5 things you can’t live without?

MC: Hmmm, 5 things I can’t live without? 1. My family, because without them I would not have the help and the support that means so much to me. 2. My coffee! Gotta have my cup of joe every morning to get my day started. 3. My car, obviously, without it I would not be able to come to work every day. It is key! 4. My phone because it keeps me connected to all the important people in my life and it provides entertainment.  And 5. Would be food, because without that we would definitely not be able to survive in life, plus I gotta rep the café!


JNS: Yes! Coffee is life. Do you have any interesting facts about yourself or interesting skills or hobbies?

MC: I would like to travel somewhere that I haven’t been someday soon, maybe Hawaii or out of the country. I also like to learn new techniques with makeup! I like doing it even though I’m a little too lazy to do it on myself very often.  I also like wine tasting, it’s so relaxing and fun when you go with friends.

JNS: Thank you so much Maria! I feel like I learned so much about you today!

Hair and Fashion Week 2016

This month we were lucky enough to participate in the Hair and Fashion Week hosted by Bernaes. The event brought local barbers, stylist, cosmetology schools, and fashion designers together to create a stunning visual experience.

Hair and Fashion WeekHair and Fashion Week

We joined Mixed Institute of Cosmetology and the Arden Paul Mitchell School to provide hair and makeup for several of the local designers. The event took students from each school and combined them onto teams, helping to create a sense of community amongst the students of the various schools rather than furthering the rivalries.

Federico Beauty Institute

Everyone worked incredibly well together, embracing each other’s varied education backgrounds.

Hair and Fashion Week 2016

Our very own Ms. LaRhonda was a host for the show on, interviewing designers and various other key players of the show. Our cosmo student Christina D ended up being a model for Hill Tribe designs, absolutely killing it on the runway.

Hill Tribe Fashions Students Ebony and Christina


It was so great that our school could be involved in so many parts of such an amazing event. We can’t wait to do it again.

Essentials of Razor Cutting with AJF Academy and Adam Federico


AJF Academy
All Photos by Nicholas Wray

The upcoming calendar for 2016 is full of amazing educational events, and the first class of the year, brought to you by AJF Academy succeeded in setting the right tone for the year. The Essentials of Razor Cutting with Adam Federico was an intimate class that let beginning and seasoned hairdressers get a better grasp on working with the Plier razor.

Since the Plier razor is a tool many stylists don’t have much experience working with, Adam wanted to jump right in to working with it, skipping the usual morning demo cut. After a quick anatomy of a razor lesson and a few tutorials on how to handle it, it was on to the cutting.

AJF Academy

The class mainly focused on techniques rather than specific cuts, that way attendees could take what they learned and apply it however they liked once they returned to the salon.

They went through one length cuts, square layering, triangular layering, and a triangular graduation. Everyone made it through the day with only a few minor nicks and cuts, which was surprising since Adam himself started the morning out with cutting himself.

AJF Academy

Joel M. one of the Federico students attending the class had this to say after:  “This class really opened up my mind to all the creative possibilities of working with a razor. I never imagined I would be able to create so many varied shapes and textures while utilizing just one tool.”

AJF Academy

All in all it was a great class. We can’t wait to see what else AJF Academy has in store for us.

Student Spotlight: Ebony R. Cosmetology Student

Federico Beauty Institute

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Ebony R. Instagram: @Littlemzeverythang

By: JanyNicole Stehman

Ebony is a current Cosmetology student and so far in her time here she has made Student Ambassador and Student of the Month.  She always offers help when needed and is also a talented local clothing designer. We sat down to chat about her time at Federico Beauty Institute

Federico Beauty Institute

JNS: What’s your favorite thing that you’ve learned so far as a Cosmetology student?

ER: That curling hair in a perfect vertical spiral can be combed out into beautiful waves. It seems so counterintuitive, but it comes out gorgeous every time!

Federico Ambassadors

JNS: Do you have any insider tips on how to get the most out of your time at Federico?

ER: Get involved in the community activities. It’s a great way to give back and earn extra hours and experience.

Federico Outreach

JNS: Plus you learn to work well under pressure! What’s your favorite product for yourself or your clients?

ER: Newsha Leave-In Conditioner. I love this conditioning spray because it works on all hair types and is great for detangling stubborn hair.

Federico Blood Source

JNS: It smells great too! Who are you loving on Instagram right now?

ER: @BeautyCanBraid. My hair career started with braiding extension. I love her Insta and Youtube tutorials because she teaches you how to achieve the styles she shares safely. Plus her work is amazing.

JNS: What are you hoping to do after you graduate?

ER: I want to take a position with a salon and also hopefully work for a product line. I’d like to eventually turn that into becoming a cosmetology instructor. I’ve learned so much from being here and I’d like to help spread that love of knowledge.

Federico Beauty

JNS: That’s awesome! I know we would love to have you back here as an instructor *wink wink. What do you like most about being here?

ER: Everything that my school exposes me to. When I walked in here in May of 2015 I had one plan, to open my own salon/boutique where I would be the BOSS. Now I want to work under someone and teach the future cosmetologists of the world.

Federico 2015 Year in Review

Federico Student Ambassadors

2015 has come to a close, and it was by far one of our best years yet! This last year was jam packed full of events and new programs.

Sacramento Fashion Week

Sacramento Fashion Week

We started out the year working with Sacramento Fashion Week, doing hair and makeup for all their runway shows. We even hosted the Emerging Artist show in our theater, allowing up and coming designers and artists to showcase their work in front of over 200 attendees. Check out more highlights from Fashion week here.

Arrojo West Coast Summit

Arrojo West Coast Summit

Besides Fashion Week, Federico also hosted two other major events in our theater. The 15th annual Salon Symposium and the Arrojo West Coast Summit brought hundreds of visitors to our campus to see stage shows from the like of Nick Arrojo, MUSE Art Haus, Schwatzkopf Professional, Dave Diggs the Barber and MUD Cosmetics.

MUSE Art Haus

Federico Salon Symposium

We also saw a huge increase in our Barber events. We started working with THIS Midtown doing a monthly Barbershop Popup at their summer block party.

THIS Midtown

Later in the year we launched our Barber transfer program with huge success, our first round of Cosmetologists to transfer into barbering will be taking the State Board later this month and then continue their careers with a dual license.

Barber Transfers Federico

In December we had our first ever Barber Battle.  20 students competed to be deemed Best Barber at Federico, going through 3 elimination rounds covering a variety of cuts. Local shop owners came out to judge the event and it was MC’d by our very own Mr. E.

Federico Barber Battle

Federico Barber Battle

On top of the Barber Battle, we also competed in our first Hair and Fashion Battle. Our school went up against 4 other local salons and another local school and were able to place second in the overall competition.

Hair and Fashion Battle

Hair and Fashion Battle

We also received Modern Salons EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION award for our Facilities and our use of Solar Power to keep our school as Green as possible.

In addition to all of these amazing events, Federico continues to participate in regular outreach to the community. We have participated in multiple student activities and events with local high schools, haircuts for the homeless, local churches and film productions. We can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store.

Federico: Wrapping All The Way

Beauty School

This is our second Christmas working with the Harvest Church in Elk Grove on their Christmas musical. This years production, “Wrapping All The Way” focuses on the town if Tunesville, where it’s Christmas every day. We rounded up some of our best Cosmetology, Barber, and Esthetics students, as well as two students from the AJF Academy Fundamentals of Makeup Artistry program to help the kids get stage ready.

Federico Beauty Institute

Our students got there bright and early, 6am, to get started on the looks for the kids in the cast. Despite the early call time, the children’s energy was high, you could see the excitement on their faces as they waited to get worked on. For most of the children, this was their first time getting the full hair and makeup treatment. Many of them were ecstatic to be made over, but you could tell a few of the younger boys were a little skeptical. Once they had received a little reassurance for our Barbers on how cool they would look up on stage, they were all in and amped to have their makeup done.

Federico Beauty Institute

We originally started working with Harvest thanks to our Cosmetology graduate, Aonnie H.,  and this year she was the Assistant Director and Head of Hair and Makeup for the production. Despite her increased rsponsibilites for the production this year, she couldn’t help but jump in and help out on some hair. You try keeping a cosmo’s hands out of an updo, it’s not happening. Aonnie couldn’t be backstage the whole time, but she jumped in on some hair while she could.

Federico Beauty Institute


When it came down to show time, our students got to stick around and enjoy the show. It was an amazing production and They even gave us a shout out on stage. As always, it was so much fun to be a part of their show and we can’t wait until the next time!

Beauty School