Student Spotlight: Jessica N. Cosmetology Student

Jessica sporting her official Hair Nerds shirt

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Jessica N. Instagram: @jess_lynn916

By: JanyNicole Stehman

Jessica just graduated from Federico but in her time here, she was Student of the Month and a Student Ambassador. I checked in with her for a little recap of her time here at Federico.

Ambassadors at a high school outreach event


JNS: “First off, do you have any advice for a student that’s just starting out in cosmetology?”

JN: “Take advantage of the opportunities that Federico offers. You get out of this education what you put into it. Volunteer for events, become an Ambassador and work the Advanced Education classes. Learn to network with other people that are already successful in the industry you plan to be in!”

JNS: “Great advice! What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned so far, either at the school or at one of the events?”

JN: “All the various cutting techniques people use. Cutting is what I want to specialize in. Everyone has a different approach and I love learning from them and adapting their style into my own.

Jessica's tattoos showing her dedication to the craft


JNS: “I feel like a lot of people here end up falling in love with cutting. What’s your favorite product right now?”

JN: “I love the Newsha leave in conditioner. The whole product line from Newsha is amazing but the leave in works ammmmaaaaazzzing.”

JNS: “Seriously! I love the repairing mask. How about favorite hair and makeup related Instagrams? Are there any you’re currently loving right now?”

JN: “@Hairbrained_official and @Thehairnerds. Both are places to get education and connections to stylists all over. They’re great resources for finding inspiration and to see new trends.”
Editorial hair done by Jessica. Photo by Nicholas Wray

JNS: “That makes the perfect segway for my ext question, since I already know your answer to it! What are you going to be doing now that you’ve graduated?”

IG: “Haha, I will be interning with the Hair Nerds as well as working at a salon in in Roseville. I have my own chair there!”

Russell Mays with Jessica


JNS: “So exciting! I can’t wait to see what you do with Hair Nerds. Before I let you go, did you like the most about being at Federico?”

IG:  “The Advanced Education! Also all the connections I’ve been able to make with Staff and outside stylists. I know I’ll be able to keep in touch with them and hopefully work with them in the future!

JNS: “Totally! Well please keep in touch with us and let us know what you do in your career!”

Jessica as a modern Marie Antoinette

Federico 4th of July!

Front desk girls Jamie and Katie

Last week, in honor of the upcoming 4th of July festivities, was Federico Spirit Week! Students and faculty alike were allowed to show their patriotic spirit by donning red, white, and blue as well as blue jeans.

Cosmo students Mackinzie, Michael, and Ebony

Barber students and student ambassadors Alex and Tiberius with Cosmo student Margret

Ms. Trish

It was fantastic to see everyone in so many colors. Everyone enjoyed shedding the classic all black attire that hairdressers are known for.

Ms. Ro and Ms. Carrie

Ms. Cindy manning the grill

Ms. Cindy with barber student Jon

On top of that, the Federico boys, with some assistance from Ms. Cindy, set up a BBQ and spent the week grilling up hot dogs for eager customers. You could literally smell the festivies!

Courtney enjoying a hotdog

Cosmo Vanessa

Barber student Acacia and celebrating with cosmo student Brianne

Barber Anthony showing his pride

Cosmo student Van with Esti educator Ms. Kelly

Thank you to all the students and faculty that participated! It was great seeing your patriotic spirit!

Student Spotlight: Irma G. Cosmetology Student

Irma G. Modeling for our Calendar shoot.

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT : Irma G. Instagram: @silk.sauce

By: JanyNicole Stehman

Irma is a recent graduate of the PM cosmetology program and was also a Student Ambassador while she was here at Federico. We got together to chat about her experience here now that she has graduated.

Irma applying color with instructor Andy B.

JNS: “Hi Irma, lets get down to it. What is the most interesting thing you’ve learned so far?

IG: “For me, the most interesting thing I’ve learned so far has to be Men’s Cutting and Styling. It’s growing in popularity so much right now.”

Irma doing makeup on her model for a school photoshoot. Irma's model

JNS: “Interesting, I would have thought you would say editorial styling!  I’ve seen some of your looks and they’re fantastic. Do you have a favorite product to use?”

IG: “I love Davines, specifically Oi. It’s amazing for thick hair, and it smells delicious”

Irma experimenting with hair and lip colors

JNS: “How about favorite hair and makeup related Instagrams? Are there any you’re currently loving?”

IG: “Guy Tang (@guy_tang) because he’s a baller colorist. Hollis King (@hollis_king) because she’s super hot. Oh! And Lora Arellano (@lora_arellano)! She’s an awesome makeup artist.”

Irma modeling for GOLDWELL

JNS: “Do you have any advice for a cosmetologist student that’s just starting out?”

IG: “KEEP ALL YOUR LOST TIME SHEETS. And STAY FOCUSED on your craft and sense of self.”

JNS: “Lost time sheets! Yes! That is so important, they’re as good as gold. What did you like the most about being at Federico?”

IG:  “THE PEOPLE… And the education. First class all the way!”

Irma doing her makeup

JNS: “Heck yes it is! What about now that you’ve graduated? Do you have any plans?”

IG: “Keep learning and continue doing my thing. A.K.A. hustle and be creative!”

Irma G.

JNS: “YES! I love that. Never stop hustling! Thank you for chatting with me Irma! Congratulations on graduating!”

ZGAT Academy at Federico Advanced


Left to right: Mario Mesaric, Adam Federico, Ivana Spicer

This month we at Federico Advanced took on the largest event we had ever attempted; two artists teaching three 3-day classes, all in a row. Attendees flew in from all around North America, some coming from as far as Washington DC and Canada. In the 2 years that we have been bringing advanced education in hairdressing to the Northern California community we have brought in dozens of amazing artists; Jeremy Davies-Barbala, Nick Arrojo, Gerard Scarpaci, Russel Mays, DJ Muldoon, and Ira Pope Sage, just to name a few. All have been incredibly talented and brought their own perspectives to the craft. This time however we brought in Ivana Spicer and Mario Mesaric of the ZGAT Academy from Zagreb, Croatia, two amazingly talented artists who somehow remain humble and thankful for everything they are able to do.

Ivana blending her line


We flew them half way around the world for their first trip to the United States so that they could bring their first-class knowledge and skills to our Academy in Sacramento, CA. We had never brought in an international artist before, and needless to say, there were a few challenges in bringing a foreign artist into the country. We battled Visa issues and airline errors, but when all the dust settled and Ivana and Mario were finally in the country teaching the class, all the hard work became worth it.

Mario mapping out his cut on head sheets

Ivana and Mario made the perfect team. The comradery was clear, they didn’t need to tell you that they had been friends since they were children, it was evident the moment you met them. Each allowing the other to speak on the work they were doing with neither one stealing the spotlight from the other. They had a meticulous eye for detail, and a clear aesthetic that ran through all of the work they did together.

Models April and SophiaIvana's model Sophia A. Mario's model April P.

Each cut was made with intent and forethought. They mapped every look out before starting, taking into account the models requests, bone structure, flaws and strengths, tailoring each look to perfectly compliment the face of the model.

Ivana working on model Heather H. Mario sectioning out model Jannie

During each demo they shared both their technical skills and love of the art they create. Checking and rechecking each line to be sure that no matter which angle you approached it from, you would see a precision line.

Model April P.

Mario Mesaric

Their dedication to the art form and education was evident in the sheer number of hours they put into each class. Each day they arrived to the school at 8am, enjoyed some espresso, and then got down to work, spending up to 10 hours straight in the class room-ensuring each student got the amount of one on one attention they needed to complete a precision haircut. Often times they would work the full 10 hours without taking a single break, not even for food. They were the marathon runners of the hair world. Even after the students had left, they stayed behind to capture photos of everyone’s hard work.

Adam Federico of AJF Salon and Federico Beauty Institute Hector Rodriguez of Saints and Sinners, Cush, and BMAC USARemy Awan of Killer Hair Incorporated

Their students were some of the best hairdressers in the industry, people who have already made a name for themselves as being incredibly talented.

Jesse Gains of Moss Hair StudioRolando Aqui of Geometric Illusions focusing in

It was amazing to see so many already established artists in one space, learning and creating together. Being open to critique and supporting and admiring each other’s work.

Despite the long days their trip here seemed to fly by. By the time the classes had ended, no one wanted Ivana and Mario to leave. The knowledge, energy and passion they brought to Federico Advanced will stay with everyone they met, and we all anxiously await their return in 2016.

Mario with model JanyNicoleThe first ZGAT classMario with model Jannie

Thank you everyone who made this event possible. Be sure to check out Mazella and Palmer for their U.S. debut at Federico Advanced in August.

*Visit Facebook for more images from the event.

Text by JanyNicole

Photos by Nicholas Wray, Mario Measric and JanyNicole

Federico Pride

The Federico Glitter Babes were out in full force bringing their expert skills to the Sacramento Pride Parade.

Federico Glitter Babes

Dressed to the nines in handmade rainbow tutu’s and colorful wigs and led by their fearless leader, Ms. Kay, dressed in an equally fabulous ensemble, they made sure that no one escaped the parade without a healthy dose of glitter spray and a heaping pile of Federico knowledge.

Clouds of glitter

Between glitter attacks, students were able to network providing coupons for services and Federico pins to properly rep our name in the community.

Even Kenny the Dancing Man made time to take a few photos with the Glitter Babes.

By the end of the day they had glittered over 200 people, spreading Federico love and pride  throughout the Sacramento LGBT community.

#First Festival!

This month Federico had the pleasure of working the first ever First Festival! The First Festival is a Sacramento based music and arts festival featuring 18 local bands across 3 stages, local food vendors, local businesses, and local crafters and artists. This year’s festival boasted over 2,000 attendees in the sprawling River Walk Park.

first 1 first 2

Our students spent the sunny Saturday afternoon providing makeup services, and doing festival braids on the attendees, all while getting to enjoy the sounds of local favorites such as Stationary and Be Brave Bold Robot

first 3first 4

When there was the occasional lull in things to do they were able to enjoy the Silent Disco which was conveniently located right next to our booth or peruse the local wares.

first 5first 6

They spent the latter part of the day seeking out festival goers that were interested in being glitter bombed. By the end of the day nearly every attendee was covered head to toe in silver glitter, neon orange hair spray, and Federico stickers. The day ended in a whirlwind of friend foods, ice cream, bonding, and glitter. All in all, not a bad way to spend a beautiful Saturday at the river.

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