#First Festival!

This month Federico had the pleasure of working the first ever First Festival! The First Festival is a Sacramento based music and arts festival featuring 18 local bands across 3 stages, local food vendors, local businesses, and local crafters and artists. This year’s festival boasted over 2,000 attendees in the sprawling River Walk Park.

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Our students spent the sunny Saturday afternoon providing makeup services, and doing festival braids on the attendees, all while getting to enjoy the sounds of local favorites such as Stationary and Be Brave Bold Robot

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When there was the occasional lull in things to do they were able to enjoy the Silent Disco which was conveniently located right next to our booth or peruse the local wares.

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They spent the latter part of the day seeking out festival goers that were interested in being glitter bombed. By the end of the day nearly every attendee was covered head to toe in silver glitter, neon orange hair spray, and Federico stickers. The day ended in a whirlwind of friend foods, ice cream, bonding, and glitter. All in all, not a bad way to spend a beautiful Saturday at the river.

Student Spotlight: Jeffery P. Barber Student

Jeffery "Self-elected Student Body President for Life" P.

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT : Jeffery P. Instagram: @el_heffe23

By: JanyNicole Stehman

Jeffery recently graduated from the Barber program at Federico. During his time here he was a Star Student, a Student Ambassador, and the Student of the Month in December.  He has also given himself the title of “Self-elected Student Body President for Life”.  I sat down with him to get a few more details on his barber life at Federico.

Jeff with a duffel of heads

JNS: “What was your favorite thing you learned while at Federico?”

JP: “My favorite by far has been learning and mastering the basic principles of hair cutting, i.e. shapes and techniques. Once you master the basics you’re capable of anything!”

Jeff perfecting a hairline on his client

JNS: “What are your favorite products right now? For you and for your clients?”

JP: “My favorite product right now would have to be the Baxter Clay Pomade, and for clients, it all depends what is going to be best for them!!! The Client’s needs and wants come before my personal picks.”

Jeff with fellow Barber Students, Cosmo Students, and Mr. Doug

JNS: “Do you have any advice for barber students just starting out?”

JP: “Do the MOST!!!! Don’t get sucked into the drama and don’t be afraid to be the ‘over achiever’. In the end, no one else is going to give you what you want, you need to go after it yourself.”

From left to right: Mr. Billy, Jeffery, and Nato

JNS: “So true!  How about favorite hair related Instagrams? Is there anyone currently inspiring you?”

JP: “My favorite Instagram would have to be… Well, there’s two actually. @RBGhair and @Barbershopconnect. @RBGhair is my wife’s Instagram and seeing what she does pushes me to strive for excellent work. The other because it spotlights the industry as a whole.”

Jeff modeling for VisionCast 2015. His group was the winning collection.

JNS: “What are you hoping to do now that you’ve graduated?”

JP: “I’m not HOPING, I’m DOING. Haha. I have accepted a job with Mizutani Scissors and will also be working at Be-You-Tiful Style Lounge in Vacaville.”

Jeff modeling for the Design Forum class. Photo Credit Nicholaswray.com

JNS: “Congrats! That’s awesome that you’ve got so much work lined up right after graduating! What will you miss the most about being at Federico?”

JP: “The fact that I’m with BAE every day, Renato ‘The Chilean Polar Bear’.  <3<3<3

Jeff and his BAE- Nato ‘The Chilean Polar Bear’

JNS: “Well, I know we will all miss having both you and Nato at school everyday! Thank you for having this chat with me and good luck at State Board!”

Jacks of all Trades

Photo by JoJo S.

Sometimes, no matter how much you plan and prep for an event, things just don’t always go the way you had hoped they will. This last weekend our students were requested to do hair and makeup for the Northern California Summer Session Show at the Starlite Lounge in Downtown Sacramento. They arrived the morning of the show pumped and ready to get to work. Unfortunately, they were the only ones. Upon arrival they found out that almost all of the models had cancelled. Not ones to let things fall apart, and experts at multitasking, they decided to fill the roles of models AND hair and makeup artists.

Photo by JoJo S.
Cosmo Student Irma G. prepping her model


Photo by JoJo S.
Esti Student Leticia R. prepping Cosmo Student Christina P. for the show.
Photo by JoJo S.
Cosmo Student Karolina K. and Leticia R. working on Esti Student Carly F.
Photo by JoJo S.
Karolina K. prepping her model

They took turns working on the models that were able to attend while also working on each other. Ensuring that there  would be enough models to handle all of the planned looks.


Photo by JoJo S.
Barber Student JoJo S. giving her model a clean up.
Photo by JoJo S.
Barber Student Priscilla C. giving her model a clean up.

Even our barber students, JoJo and Priscilla were pulling double duty for the day. Once they were done giving clean ups to the male models in attendance, Priscilla moved on the female models and started setting curls. JoJo went on to capture behind the scenes pictures of the prep process for us, documenting all of the excitement and chaos.

Photo by JoJo S.
Priscilla C. prepping her models hair.


Photo by JoJo S.
Irma G. being prepped for the show by Karolina K.
Photo by JoJo S.
Priscilla C. prepping Esti Student Rachael B. for the show.


Once they were set for the runway the show went off without a hitch. They had 3 different clothing lines and there was a performance by a few local break-dancers.

Photo courtesy of Fourt33n Minutes Left
Break dancers performing in the designers shirts.

Ms. Kay, our Outreach Manager said, “At the risk of giving away my age, I felt like I was back in high-school again. There was such a great energy from the crowd and the performers.”

Photo courtesy of Fourt33n Minutes Left
Christina P. with fellow model on the runway.
Photo courtesy of Fourt33n Minutes Left
Christina P. on the runway.

Photo courtesy of Fourt33n Minutes Left


It was great to see our students step up and make sure everything went smoothly, no matter the obstacles. Thank you to everyone for all your hard work!

Federico Spring Commencement 2015

Photo by Julia DamianOn April 18th, Federico Beauty Institute held its 2015 Spring Commencement. Recent graduates were invited back to walk across the stage and receive their diploma and student honors. Our ballroom was filled with balloons, and current Barber students Keith and Nato created a mural on the blackboard wall to commemorate the event.


Family, friends, students and Staff were all there to support the graduates. With over 175 attendees, the ballroom was raucous with laughter and applause, as student speakers shared their memories and wisdom.


Smiles and hugs were plenty as graduates who spent in some instances over a year with their classmates reconnected and got a chance to catch up since leaving school and passing state board.

Barber Student Leyland H. with Barber instructor Mr. Mike


It was awesome to see familiar faces, glowing with pride and accomplishment.

Cosmo Grad Duke S.
Left to Right: Barber grad Zac M. with Cosmo grads Erin D. and Iesha T.
Cosmo Grad Kery M.
Left to right: Esti instructor Miss Alice with Esti grads Kelly I., Happi Y., Jen R.

Our Alumni Services Coordinator, Julia Damian, who organized the event, was deeply moved by our student’s passion and created a video in honor of them. “I was inspired by our students, so I decided to create a video about student inspirations. I know it sounds kind of circular but I just figured it worked.”

Check out the video below.

Our Spring Graduates

Federico Beauty Institute is proud of all of its graduates and wishes them nothing but success on the next phase of their careers.

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT : Victoria S. Cosmetology Student

Image courtesy of Instagram

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT : Victoria S. Instagram: @t0riasw0rld

Victoria is a Cosmetology Student and one of our Student Ambassadors. She was also  Student of the Month in April. We got together to go over some of her highlights as a Cosmo student here.

Photo by JanyNicole
Victoria doing hair for Sac Fashion Week

JNS: “What’s your favorite thing you’ve learned so far?

VS: “I would say my favorite thing that I’ve learned so far is probably cutting. I really enjoy perfecting a cut, however I know that styling hair is totally my thang. I’ve been doing it for a while and I love creating editorial looks. It almost comes naturally.”

Photo by JanyNicole
Victoria doing hair for Sac Fashion Week

JNS: “I’ve seen some of your editorial looks. They’re very strong. Do you have a favorite product to use?”

VS: “So far I would say Newsha is the one for me right now. I have a few other things that I use on my clients as well, but I think that the whole Newsha line is killing it. I’ve used it on all hair types and I love it!”

JNS: “How about favorite hair related Instagrams? Are there any you’re currently loving?”

VS: “I’m so bad at staying on top of blogs and Instagram. There are all kinds of talented artists out there that have inspired me though, I just don’t really have a favorite.”

Model Styled/Cut/Colored by Victoria, Photo by Nicholas Wray

JNS: “Do you have any advice for a cosmetologist student that’s just starting out?”

VS: “Take your time, don’t rush. Practice makes perfect… Oh! And don’t be scared to ask questions.”

JNS: “What are you hoping to do after graduation?”

VS: ”I am hoping to get into a salon part-time while also booking a ton of events and traveling.”

JNS: “That’s a pretty solid plan! What will you miss the most about being at Federico once you leave?”

VS: “My Federico Family of course! Every last one of you that I have gotten to know and enjoy every day for the last 20 months of my life. You’re my favorite part of being here and I’m going to miss you so much!”

Photo courtesy of Instagram
Left to right: Cosmo Students Lianna F., Irma G, and Victoria



Federico Does Fashion Week Part II

Thursday brought Federico’s biggest day of all the events. “The Emerging Next” show was held here in our ballroom. Four local up-and-coming designers, Tyniece Hall, Theresa Truong, Sinan Dunlap, and Rebeka Garn and one local stylist, Winnie of Stackz of Style Productions brought models in bright and early for hair and makeup preparation. We took over Studio 68 and it was all hands on deck.

Esti Student Cassie B. working on makeup for Rebeka Garn’s looks


Cosmos, Barbers, and Estis all worked together on looks ranging from edgy street-wear to elegant evening gowns, to adorable woodland creatures. It was great seeing all the students in a new environment. No one hesitated to dive in on new techniques, and aptly showed their skill. They deftly wielded their mini crimpers and wands as hair pins and fake hair flew around the room. Barbers gave the male models fresh cuts and straight razor shaves, while our estis set up in the Star Student room applying deep garnet ombre lips and perfect winged liner.

Model for Theresa Truong, Photo by Bryan Allo



At night, everything moved into the ballroom and the runway started. The room had been transformed, local artists brought in iron sculptures and paintings, there were murals by Matt Brown, Rodney Corpuz, Dante Declarador, Brandon Gastinell, and Michelle Vo. EFFRT had their graphic tees on display and a dozen photographers stacked at one end of the room to capture all the madness.

Model for Stackz of Style Productions , Photo by Bryan Allo
Model for Stackz of Style Productions , Photo by Bryan Allo
Model for Tyniece Hall, Photo by Bryan Allo
Model for Sinan Dunlap, Photo by Bryan Allo



Model for Sinan Dunlap, Photo by Bryan Allo
Model for Sinan Dunlap, Photo by Bryan Allo
Model for Sinan Dunlap, Photo by Bryan Allo
Model for Theresa Truong, Photo by Bryan Allo
Model for Theresa Truong, Photo by Bryan Allo
Model for Rebeka Garn, Photo by Bryan Allo
Model for Rebeka Garn, Photo by Bryan Allo



All of the designs looked stunning. There is nothing better than seeing a runway show from beginning to end. Watching each step build upon the last to come together in one perfectly executed look is breathtaking.

Tyniece Hall with models, Photo by Bryan Allo
Sinan Dunlap with models, Photo by Byran Allo
Theresa Truong with models, photo by Bryan Allo
Rebeka Garn’s models, Photo by Bryan Allo
Rebeka Garn’s models, Photo by Bryan Allo



On Friday we saw our fourth and final day of working on Sac Fashion Week. We returned to the Auto Museum for the Spring Summer 2015 show featuring Designers Rebecca Cahua, Kimberly Eanes, Samantha Furno, Latiya Gholar, Gina Sanchez, Peter Srichan, Mai Vang, and Yennie Zhou. Once again it was all hands on deck. There were around 100 models for this show, by far the most we’ve ever worked on.  PM Cosmo Student and Student Ambassador, Victoria S. did most of the hair for Kimberly Eanes, featuring messy wrapped braids pulled into an up-do.

Cosmo Students Aonnie and Karryn working on model for Kimberly Eanes
Cosmo Student Victoria working on model for Kimberly Eanes
Barber Student Chris R working on model
Esti Student Laura working on model
Cosmo Student Victoria working on model for Kimberly Eanes


PM Cosmo Student and Student Ambassador, Victoria S. did most of the hair for Kimberly Eanes, featuring messy wrapped braids pulled into an up-do.

Esti Students Jen R. and Happi Y working on model
Cosmo Students assisting model

The runway of freshly poured concrete walkways and sand gave an otherworldly effect to the Museum and highlighted the ornate looks with its stark contrast.

Kimberly Eanes models before wardrobe. Photo by Tom Huynh



We at Federico would like to deeply thank everyone involved. All of the students that went above and beyond to creating stunning looks,  Missy and Jasmine and their teams for letting us participate, The Art Institute of Sacramento, Christina Marie and the Capitol Indie collective for having us host the Emerging Next Showcase, and of course, Duane Ram the Executive Director of all the events for organizing such an amazing event. We look forward to next year!

Text by JanyNicole

Photos by Bryan Allo, Tom Huynh, and JanyNicole

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