Let’s Talk About Brows, Baby

Let’s talk about Eyebrows! You know those two long patches of hair on your face that you can’t seem to make look the same? You’d like them to look like a pair of sisters but instead they resemble distant cousins. The struggle! I’m guilty of over tweezing and most of the time my problem is I don’t tweeze enough. Lately I’ve gotten away with just using an eyebrow pencil to fill in those God forsaken bald spots and let’s not even talk about the mornings I get up late and don’t have time to do it. Can anyone relate?

Here are a few tips and tricks that you can use to make that “Brow Life” just a little easier. Start off by using an eyebrow pencil to fill in the spaces that you don’t want to remove. It’ll basically work as a guide. Tweeze those unwanted hairs, trim them a tad with a pair of nail scissors and you’ve mastered the simplest way to get matching brows. If you want to get really technical, you can try that hack that shows you how to draw the perfect brows using a protractor & a little concealer. I’ll pass, too much math for this girl!

You can also leave it to the pros and go get your eyebrows waxed or threaded. If you choose to get your eyebrows waxed at a local Nail Salon, remember you have the right to ask the technician if they have their cosmetology or facial specialist license if you don’t see it posted. Don’t be afraid to ask! Contact us at 916-929-4242 to schedule a waxing appointment with one of our students! Lots of salons are also starting to do eyebrow tinting which is a trick to make your eyebrows look fuller by applying a vegetable-based dye that will typically fade within 2-6 weeks. You can always purchase a kit from a drug store if you’re feeling ambitious.

Looking for a way to keep those brows extra fleeky without any effort at all? If you’re not afraid of a little pain, try eyebrow microblading! Microblading is a technique done by a qualified technician who uses a tool that hand draws on individual hairs, almost like a tattoo. The results are amazing and can last up to 3 years if taken care of properly. You leave the salon serving all kinds of Cara Delevigne fierceness! (Disclaimer: I may, or may not, watch too much RuPaul’s Drag Race) Just keep in mind you’ll need a few hundred dollars to get this procedure done which I find totally worth it. *Video Below*

If you want to go for a shaped brow or keep them wild and free, remember you are beautiful no matter what!

Bring in the New Year with a Little Glitter


It’s New Year’s Eve which means it’s time to bring out all the glitter! Have you been drooling over all of the fun trends on Pinterest but you didn’t have an excuse to step out in them? Well now’s your chance! NYE is the perfect time to bring out the glitz and glam and what better way to bring in the New Year than donning a little sparkle?

Who needs a cat eye when you can add your favorite color of glitter under your bottom lashes for a fresh off the runway look!

Glitter roots were all the rage in 2016! Now you finally have a reason to try out this hot trend. Just add a little glitter to your hair gel and brush it on. Add as much glitter as your heart desires.

Need more than just a little glitter on your roots? Try brushing it throughout your hair for an all over look. You can get even more festive by adding confetti!

Ditch your normal highlighter and add some glitter gel or powder to elevate your radiance. You won’t regret it!

Carefully add fine glitter to your clear mascara and show your date how much your eyes really sparkle. Guaranteed to get you a New Year’s kiss!

Speaking of New Year’s kisses, you might want to skip it this year to keep these glitter lips fresh! Add loose glitter over your favorite lipstick to transform yourself into a New Year’s Goddess.

If these looks don’t necessarily speak to you, you can always throw a little confetti in the air when the clock strikes 12 and let gravity do its job. Need more New Year’s Eve inspo? Check out our NYE board on Pinterest .

Happy New Year from all of us at Federico Beauty Institute!
May your 2017 be as sparkly as your roots!

Beard Talk with Dustin


A lot of men are ditching the razor and opting for a full, scruffy beard. Some women like a clean shaved gentleman, but others (including myself) are begging their significant others to rock a kick ass beard instead. When I met my boyfriend, Kevin, close to 2 years ago, he had a mustache and a little scruff. I (casually) brought up my love for beards and he’s had one since!

Our campus has a pretty large population of bearded men, but I think we can all agree that the unofficial winner of the Best Beard at Federico goes to student, Dustin M. I got the opportunity to sit down with him and pick his brain on how he cares for that glorious beard of his and if he’s got any advice for other men on how to achieve the look. Let’s just say Dustin takes the beard game very serious.

DR: What is your daily routine?
DM: Blow dry, oils, comb, foam, comb, rush to school, repeat.

DR: What are your favorite products that keep your beard tamed?
DM: I use Beardology shampoo about once a week but I use Ruezel Beard Foam every day. It keeps my beard soft and clears the beardruff (beard dandruff). I also use beard balm for styling.

DR: Does the hair on your beard work like the hair on your head? Do you get split ends?
DM: My beard is more important than the hair on my head! It sheds throughout the day and I trim it to shape it once every 6 weeks.

DR: How long have you had your beard?
DM: I had a full beard when I became a Barber student back in March, then I had to shave it completely during Phase 2 of the program and I’ve been growing it since.

DR: Have you tried making your own beard oil?
DM: I actually have a clothing line and I’ll be adding my own beard oils and balms in the near future.

DR: Any advice for the guys out there that are just starting the process of managing the beard?
DM: Treat your beard like it’s part of your family! Don’t shave. It’s going to itch, you’re going to eat your own hair, but women love it!

There you have it gentlemen! If I were you, I’d take his advice.

*If you’d like to check out Dustin’s clothing line, visit hollowgroundbarbers.com

The Hottest Holiday Hairstyles of 2016


With Christmas right around the corner, who has time to think of a new hairstyle? Face it, you haven’t even started wrapping gifts yet! That’s where we come in. We’ve got the hottest Holiday styles of 2016 in one place with a link to each tutorial.  Now, all you have to do is pick one and impress your friends with the skills you didn’t even know you had.

Tired of wearing the same messy bun to your co-worker’s Ugly Sweater Party every year? Try a fancier curly updo and add that headband you’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to debut. Find the tutorial here.

Are you traveling to meet your boyfriend’s family for the first time this Christmas Eve but don’t want to bring all of your hair supplies?  With just a comb and a few rubber bands and hairpins, you can achieve this twisted French braid look. I guarantee your future sis-in-law will be begging you to show her how you did it! Find the tutorial here.

It’s Christmas day and time for that annual Christmas family portrait. You’re the wild child of the family but want to surprise your parents with a fabulous new style, just for the day of course! Channel your inner Lucille Ball and try a classic “I Love Lucy” updo. You can find the tutorial here.

Your favorite thing to do this time of year is sit around the fire with your favorite people and your favorite mug filled with hot cocoa. We all know the day will be spent chatting about the New Year and snapping photos so you’ll need an effortless style that will impress all of your friends. Try the half-halo braid for a comfy, relaxed look. Find the tutorial here.

It’s time for your mom’s cookie exchange party and after all of that baking, you’re definitely feeling the Christmas spirit. Not only do you want to show up with 6 dozen holiday cookies but you need festive hair to match. It’s time to try out a Christmas hair bow bun! Find the tutorial here.

Santa at Federico


For the past two weekends, children filled our salon floor where they received free haircuts and super cute hair styles. Once the new hairdos were complete, it was time to meet Santa and take a few photos! Students were given the challenge of decorating different Holiday-themed stations around the school earlier this month and totally transformed Federico into the North Pole. You can imagine the expression on the kid’s faces as they walked around and saw all of the hard work that our students put in just for them. There were various photo booths with themes like Frozen, Winter Wonderland, Christmas in Hawaii and Snoopy, as well as plenty of Holiday treats to choose from. The most popular station was, hands down, our Letter to Santa station. We received numerous letters from children asking for their favorite toys, puppies, video games and even a visit from a few greatly missed family members.

Although our event is through, you can still book an appointment for your little ones just in time for your Holiday festivities by calling 916-929-4242. I think it’s pretty evident that Federico is full of Christmas magic this
time of year.

Natural Hair Food

Natural hair instagrammer @dunsinsfaces

If you’ve taken the leap and decided to be a Naturalista, Congratulations! If you haven’t or don’t know what a Naturalista is, here’s an easy explanation… Naturalista is a term used to describe a person that loves their hair and wears it the way that it naturally grows, without heat; typically someone with “kinky” hair. You may feel like you have to spend tons of cash on all of those natural hair products. Think again! Did you know that a lot of the hair care you need can be found in your kitchen? “Hair food” if you will. Even if you don’t have access to these items at the moment, they can all be found at your local dollar store.

Mayo is great for repairing heat-damaged hair! You are basically going to use the mayonnaise just like you’d use a deep conditioner.  Wet your hair, then spread a generous amount throughout your hair. Slap on a shower cap (or plastic bag if that’s what you have!) and wait 30 minutes to rinse thoroughly.
*Make sure you wait until the next day to shampoo.

Oil and Lemon Juice
Do you have an itchy scalp? By mixing a few tablespoons of lemon juice, olive oil and water, you can temporarily eliminate the irritating sensation when applied to a damp scalp. Cover your hair with a shower cap and let it sit for at least 20 minutes then rinse and shampoo as normal.

Avocado will help tame that frizzy mane! Just wet your hair and apply the mashed avocado. That’s it! Rinse after 15 minutes and BAM! your hair received a little more moisture and those good fats also help restore split ends. The leftovers make a great dip.
*Not recommended for colored hair.

Looking for something natural to help your hair grow? Use a fork or food processor to mash a banana and apply the sticky mess as a hair mask. Let the mask sit and work it’s magic for as long as you’d like then rinse and shampoo after. You can also add a little of one of your favorite oils in your pantry and moisturize at the same time.