The Top 10 Nail Trends All At Once

Mollie Hawkins with her freshly done nails by @beautybyamie

Have you ever been curious about all the different nail trends that seem to be popping up these days? We know we have been! That’s why we jumped at the chance to host beauty blogger, Molly Hawkins of Cambio, on her epic adventure to try 10 of the leading nails trends all at once. Thank you to Alumni Amie V. (@beautybyamie) for coming out and doing an amazing job. Follow the link to check out all the juicy (and textured) details. 


Mazella&Palmer U.S. Premier at Federico Advanced


Full house of students for the first ever Mazella&Palmer classFederico Advanced and the Federico Beauty Institute were honored to host the United States premier of Mazella&Palmer. Hailing from the UK, Jean-Baptiste Mazella and Dove Palmer joined forces in 2011 and
until this month, their education had not yet made it stateside.

Adam Federico addressing the class

Their philosophy, “Not just how to cut hair, but why” is clearly illustrated through their in depth curriculum for the course “Advantage thru Technique”. There’s nothing quite as fulfilling as seeing some of the best hairdressers in the industry all gathered in one place to expand upon their already impressive knowledge base. The fact that people who have been doing hair for decades can come to a class and still feel fulfilled and walk away having learned something truly speaks to the quality and discipline of Mazella&Palmer’s unique curriculum.

Dove Palmer instructing a student

Dove demoing for the class

Obviously, the best part of events like these is the knowledge gained, but one of the unexpected and fantastic byproducts that has come from doing events such as Mazella&Palmer and ZGAT Academy, is the sense of community that it builds. After three days of intense education under Dove and JB, you can’t help but to form a comradery with your fellow class mates. Watching your neighbors struggle and learn, and learning from them as well, creates an unexpected and delightful bond. It’s not unlike the comradery displayed between Dove and JB themselves. They spend the better part of every month together, traveling the world and sharing their educational style with stylists of every level, and the friendship shows.

Dove and Jean-Baptiste Mazella prepping their models

JB perfecting his cut

It was truly a pleasure being in the presence of artists of such repute and skill and we can’t wait to have them back in 2016.

JB prepping his model

@christopherstammler working on his doll head

Left to right: Jean-Baptiste Mazella, Adam Federico, Dove Palmer


Check out the video for JB and Dove’s Quick Tip! 


AJF Academy at the Arrojo West Coast Summit

AJF Academy and Arrojo models

This summer Federico had the pleasure of hosting the 2nd annual Arrojo West Coast Summit, featuring a stage presentation by Nick Arrojo and Adam Federico of AJF Salon. This years summit marks the debut of AJF Academy. AJF Academy is the brain child of Adam Federico, Owner and Creative Director of AJF Salon. The intention behind the Academy was to highlight the knowledge and skill of his team of stylists at AJF Salon. Continued education has always been the foundation upon which Adam has built his salon and now his team has the ability to share their knowledge with the rest of the industry.

Andy Bates' model Bianca

Tiffany Burnett of AJF Academy preping her model

Joley Halby of AJF Academy doing the makeup of model Kayleigh

AJF Academy wanted to stay true to their aesthetic for their launch, showcasing a collection of precision cuts with feminine yet strong shapes on feminine yet strong models. The wardrobe was inspired by the 1930’s Great Depression, with page boy pants and raw, distressed tops custom created for the event by JanyNicole of Victims Or Villains.

Model Maryn by Thu Vo of AJF Academy

Siouxsie of AJF Academy putting the final touches on her model Lena

They pulled their color inspiration from the stunning dusky skies visible outside of their salon every evening, placing the accent colors in crescent moon shapes around the head. While the makeup they did mimicked the crescent moon theme through the eyes.

Nicole of AJF Academy modeling her look

Andy putting final touches on his model

Andy discussing the theory behind the cuts

Caitlin Senna of AJF Academy working on her cut

Overall, look of the show had a raw energy to it that paired perfectly with its soundtrack, Lock Your Doors by Death Grips. See the video for the highlights of the event.



Hair & Fashion Battle – Salons VS Designer 2015

Photo Courtesy of Marlett Berry's Instagram- @marberry13

By Kay Henderson

Federico Beauty Institute had the unique pleasure of being invited to participate in the 5th Annual Hair and Fashion Battle produced by Marlette Berry. The Hair and Fashion Battle allows local Salons and Designers to showcase their designs and skills to the public and have them judged by local celebrity judges.  The participants are given a theme; this year’s being Avant Guard, and must produce a look within said theme. There are also rules on time, models and content that must be adhered to.

Ms. Roketa Raiford, a celebrity judge for the battle in the past was approached by Berry to have Federico compete on the student level in this year’s competition. Raiford states, “Trish [Avalos] and I have judged quite a few battles and have said time and time again, our students could do this. I was excited when Marlette approached me with the idea!!” Once our students were approached with the idea, many jumped at the chance to compete. While there was a lot of interest in the battle, we ended up with a crew of 18, consisting of 9 cosmos, 2 barbers and 7 esthi’s.

Once we had our concept,” The Mad Hatters Tea Party,” our students went to work pulling ideas on looks. After the looks were chosen, instructors were tasked to show the students how to pull off their creations. Cosmo Educators Ms. Trish Avalos and Ms. Ro were on deck to show the students how to pull of the characters hair styles. Esthetics instructors Ms. Amanda Rose Kinney and Ms. Alice Andrews also assisted in showing our students how to bring their monochromatic visions to life.

From this concept grew an 8 minute production that included a beautifully executed ballet routine by AM Esthi Elizabeth Campbell, on stage hair changes by AM Cosmo Elicia Drayton and Barber Veronique Williams. Drama, modeling, color makeup changes and crowd interaction all pulled this production together.

Coordinating an event of this magnitude took over 60 hours of off schedule work by students and staff. Practices were scheduled on Weekends, Mondays and any other days around school, work and other outside duties. There were many nights spent sewing costumes, creating props, cooking meals and mixing our seamless soundtrack at student’s homes to honor their commitment to themselves and their peers.

“This event, although challenging and time intensive, proved to be a true melding of the family environment that Federico embodies. There were esthi students feeding cosmo students that were doing hair because they didn’t have free hands to eat. These students really did an incredible job of taking care of each other. Some brought food trays, others beverages, it was really something great and synergistic to be a part of.” says Outreach Manager Kay Henderson.

All of this hard work and sacrifice paid off as our students took Second Place over all in the entire competition, beating out 5 salons and 1 other competing school. “I was very impressed with Federico’s overall performance; their skit really tied together their entire theme!” exclaimed Panel judge Derick Dennis.

Federico Students Dominate the State Board Exams

Left to right: Barber Jeff P., Barber Nato N., Cosmo Sonya M., and Barber Colby T.

The dreaded state board exams. Most students spend an entire year, sometimes longer, gearing up for the exam. Everything they have trained for and studied all comes down to this one test. Everything they learn and practice from Phase one, up until their final clock out is intended to prepare them for what they will experience once they enter the industry, but if they can’t pass the state board it was all for naught. In general, the week leading up to that test is spent worrying and studying, practicing drills and preparing their kit.

Barbers Nato and Jeff with Cosmo Alex C.

Well, it turns out; all that prep is worth it! We at Federico’s know how nerve-wracking the time leading up to State Board can be we’re incredibly proud of the fact that so far in 2015 our students have done insanely well on State Board.

Cosmo Aonnie H.

Between the first two quarters of this year, every single barber that has taken the exam has passed. That’s 100%! Former student and current instructor, Zac Mayberry, scored a 94% on his written exam.  That’s the highest written score any barber student has had since we have started the Barber Program.

Esthi Mindy

For Cosmetology a combined 98% of our students have passed for the first half of the year. Former student ambassador, Alexandra C. came in on top with a whopping 98% on her written exam.

On the Esthetics side of things, 95% of our students have passed! Sussan A. and Nirmeen H. were top of their class with a 98% on their written exams.

Esthi's Laura and Zoena

Esthi Happi Y.

Overall we couldn’t be more proud of each every student here. We know how hard everyone has worked to get to this point and we can’t wait to see what you all do now that you can fully follow your passions!

Cosmos Stephanie A. and Brittany K.

THiS Midtown|THiS Federico

Barber students Keith Z. and Vee getting it done.

In its third year of existence the THiS Midtown block party FINALLY realized what it had been missing, a barber pop-up shop! Thankfully Federico was there to fill that void.

All hands on deck

We’ve set up shop our mini barber shop twice so far, tucking in nicely between the Official pop-up badminton courts and the live spray painting booth, leaving us in a prime spot for snagging shaggy customers as they enter the party.

Live painting

Barber instructor Zac cleaning up a line.

Happy client checking out his new look

The students were able to show off their impressive clipper skills, while networking with the community. When there were pauses in clients the students walked through the block party introducing themselves to attendees and telling them about the services they provide on campus.


Of course, it wasn’t all work and no play. The barbers explored all that THiS had to offer. Snakes, and Hula-hoops, and pizza! Oh My!

Hula hoops dancersJojo enjoying Pizza Urbano

Barber Jon C. with a friendly buddy

Ms. Kay, Ms. Cara, and Mr. Gary Federico