Gerard Scarpaci: Advanced Education 2014


Gerard Scarpaci
ARROJO Educator
Co-Founder of

Gerard kicked off his career as a hairdresser at Vidal Sassoon NYC, and in 2010 he joined the ARROJO team. After 20+ years of experience in the industry, Gerard was classified as a well-known, world-class hair stylist and educator who has cemented his place as a true visionary.



During Gerard’s 2-day visit to Federico, he demonstrated two Advanced Razor cutting techniques. He led a class for current Federico students and another for Federico alumni and local salon professionals. Both classes focused on advanced razor cutting and editorial styling, creating a look that incorporated disconnection and inside-out layering.


This live session of Advanced Education included live model demonstrations by Gerard and hands-on mannequin sessions where our guests were able to then recreate the look with Gerard closely observing. Once the cuts were complete, our guests were able to dress and pin there cuts to create an editorial, edgy look that featured iron work, braiding and hair padding.


Here’s what some of the participants had to say about the class…

“I have already taken sculpture here at Federico but every educator has a different look on the techniques of cutting. Gerard gave me a whole new perspective on cutting hair.”
“The class exceeded my expectations. Learning a very technical way of cutting will help me to be a more consistent stylist.”
“I love that I was taught a new approach to some old techniques”

Federico Advanced: Gerard Scarpaci

Gerard Scarpaci will be at Federico presenting an advanced cutting class for Alumni and Salon Professionals Monday, January 13. Gerard is a world-class hair cutter and educator who has helped shape the Aveda curriculum, cementing his place as a visionary hairdresser.gerard_revised

Interested in attending?
Students contact Leticia Campaz in Student Services 916.929.4242 ext.203
Salon Professionals/ Alumni contact Kimber Bootay 916.712.8026.

Study Abroad: Tokyo, Japan

A group of nine very lucky students left October 16, 2013 for “The Land of the Rising Sun,” Tokyo, Japan. After an incredibly long International flight, the students hit the ground running! Throughout their journey the students got to sightsee, learn about Japanese Culture, and engage in Japanese traditions but most importantly the students got to be a part of several educational opportunities that were presented at the Yamano Beauty College by instructors and founder, Jane Aiko Yamano.

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After settling in, the students and chaperones adventured off for an exciting 
exploration throughout the city of inspiration, Tokyo.

Their destinations included: The Meiji Shrine, Sushi Zanmai Cooking School, Tokyo Tower, Hakone National Park, Yamano Beauty College, Yamano College of Aesthetics, Tokyo Disney and the International Beauty Forum.


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The girls received hands-on training from skilled instructors at the Yamano Beauty College as well as the Yamano College of Aesthetics.

tokyo2013 624


While visiting the Yamano College of Aesthetics, the students and chaperones got to experience a day in the life of Japanese Culture by receiving an ultimate makeover that included hair and makeup along with being clothed in beautifully designed, 12 layered Kimonos. 


During their tour throughout Tokyo, Federico Students got the opportunity to meet students from other schools as well as meet students from different countries. During their trip they also visited two Pivot Point Academies in Tokyo.

For more Images of the ladies exploring Tokyo, Japan please visit our Instagram page: @FedericoBeautyInstitute

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It has been a pleasure!

Congrats to our Esthetician graduates. It has been a pleasure having you ladies around campus. We really hope to see you all soon!

Cassandra B.

Alicia Q.

Anai R.Eryssa G.Sierra M.

Reality Show- Hair & Makeup

Our students were recently invited by producers to be the hair and makeup team for America’s Next Best Bartender,  a reality show.  Harvey Lowry, creator of Face Off,  is the mastermind behind this reality show centered around a challenge style competition to crown America’s Next Best Bartender.


Students spent two full days with the cast and crew, October 19-20, 2013.  They will also be on hand for the red carpet finale event on November 2, 2013.


Photo Oct 19, 12 27 15 PM


“It was really great to be on-set with our students.  It is important to learn how to work quickly and efficiently and finish multiple clients at one time.”- Carrie MacDonald, Federico Educator


Photo Oct 19, 9 43 30 AM (1)


Students stayed during the entire shooting schedule to handle re-touches for the contestants hair and makeup.


Photo Oct 19, 9 46 35 AM (1)


Each student will be listed in the credits of the on-air show.  Being able to gain a professional television credit while in school is an incredible opportunity.


Photo Oct 19, 9 46 41 AM


What did the contestants have to say?

“Thank you ladies for doing an awesome job on my hair and makeup for the new hit reality TV show next best bartender! You did an amazing job and it was awesome getting to work with you. I love you because you made me feel so comfortable for the first time having someone else do my hair and makeup! Best of luck to you all! “ -Your next best bartender Rocky Citi!


Photo Oct 19, 11 51 49 AM



Wow!!!!! How amazing your team is!!!! You ladies are so wonderful and did such a great job. You made us all look so great and truthfully were all so beautiful as well. You brought the level of professionalism to the table. Keep doing an amazing job and I know who to go to when I new hair and make up. Not to speak for the whole cast if next best bartender but we loved you ladies!!!!Donovan Mcneely


Stay tuned for details regarding the on-air dates to watch our student’s work on the big screen!

DIY Paper Doll Costume

You were invited to a last minute Halloween party or perhaps just looking for something creative and affordable this year…let us help!





1.  We started our model off with loose curls to help create our textured and whimsical updo.



2.  Secure the hair in a high ponytail at the top of the head.  We wanted an exaggerated bun so we added this hair form.  You could also use a rolled (new) tube sock, hence the term “sock bun”.



3. Taking small sections, we create texture by “teasing” the hair with just our fingers.




4.  Finishing the look by loosely securing our model’s hair around the form.





Finally,  using bobby pins to create a base …


We attached a foam board bow.



We asked our model to apply her normal daytime makeup.  Afterwards we added a bold blush to the apples of her cheeks and applied a punchy pink lip just to the center of her mouth.  To add a dramatic flair to her eyes, a white liner was used on her bottom lash water line in addition to artificial lashes.





We wanted something sturdy so we grabbed a reinforced foam poster board from Michael’s Craft Store for $1.99. (20 x 30 x 3/16 in)   Our awesome bookstore manager, Sativa, used her artistic abilities to draw a dress on the board with a black permanent marker and then we cut the image out with an Xacto knife.




Looking for more creative costumes on the cheap? Tune into Good Day Sacramento on Monday, October 21, 2013 during the 7 & 8 o’clock hours.  We will be creating looks suitable for any budget!