Fake it Til You Make it

Dreadlocks, drastic haircuts and bangs are probably the 3 styles that take lots of thinking and commitment. Because of that it’s hard to decide if we actually want to make that leap. Well, now we have the option to take these styles on a test drive to help make up our minds… Faux Bob Faux

Casual 4 A Cause

Around here, we all have to follow a dress code. Although the students have it a bit worse than the staff and educators do, sometimes we all just want to throw on a pair of jeans. All of our cosmetologists, barbers and estheticians are only allowed to wear black and white so you can imagine

Bantu Knots and Why They’re so Beautiful

It seems as though there are a lot of hairstyles that aren’t only beautiful, but seem to find controversy in the media. The edgy style known as Bantu Knots have found its way in the middle of numerous arguments and misunderstandings when assumed they were made popular by the latest singers and public figures. The

Student Ambassador Photos Are In

The wait is officially over! The Student Ambassador photos are in and I must say our students should be extremely proud of themselves. Only two Ambassadors participated this time around so they were able to shoot multiple styles on their models. Once again, I’m blown away by the work our students are producing. Patty and

RIC Star, Ms. Tera is #lifegoals

You may know Ms. Tera as the Educational Systems Manager, but around here we know her as the Rock star woman that is insanely passionate about making sure our students are successful. Her door is always open and she makes it a point to answer all questions and concerns that any of our students may

Quirky Beauty Products

Not only are beauty trends getting quirkier, but it seems as if the tools we use are getting funnier as well. We no longer have to rely on basic products to get ready in the morning (or the night before), we can now add a little humor to our routine. Below are six products that