The Hair Doc is in…

Last week Federico Beauty Institute had the honor of hosting a segment with the Hair Doctor from GoodDay Sacramento. She teamed up with creators of the Kevin Murphy Color.ME line to challenge a handful of our cosmetology students to a competition that would be aired live on GoodDay Sacramento. What was the challenge you ask? The students would need to formulate their own colors based off of a photo of their choice. The catch? The students had no previous education or experience with the new color line being used. The Hair Doc picked four of our top students for the challenge.

hair doc visits federicobeautyinstitute
Team 3 before color

See the before looks here

On the morning of the competition our students arrived at school at 5am to prep their models and color formulas. Van T. was the leader of Team 1. Her model wanted a mermaid inspired look consisting of multiple color combinations and fading techniques. Team 2, led by Joel M., had a fire inspired color in mind. Team 3 and 4 both decided to go with more natural highlight colors for their models. Team 3 leader, Marissa P., had to first remove red tones from her models hair while Team 4’s leader, Cristal Z., decided to hand paint highlights using a balayage technique on her models virgin hair.

hair doc visits federicobeautyinstitute
Team 1 Before and After


hair doc visits federicobeautyinstitute
Team 4 Before and After

After almost 5 hours of prepping, formulating, applying, processing and styling, the teams were ready for the big reveal. Adam Federico and Lucas from Beauty Solutions joined the Hair Doc & Courtney Dempsey from Good Day Sacramento to judge the finalized looks. After much deliberation, they crowned a winner. Team 4 took third place with their natural balayage look and Team 1’s high fashion mermaid look took second place. First place went to Student Ambassador, Joel M. on Team 2 for his Fire inspired look.

See the finalized looks here

It was great to have the Hair Doctor in to assist students with their color creations. We welcome her back anytime to challenge our talented students on their skills.

Sacramento Fashion Week 2016: Emerging Next

Sacramento Fashion Week

For the second year, We had the honor of hosting the Sacramento Fashion Week: Emerging Next show. For the event,  Federico Beauty Institute closes the floor off from clients and let designers, models, and artists take over to transform our space. Duane Ram, the producer of Sac Fashion Week,  continually goes above and beyond to curate an amazing show. There were seven amazing local designers showcasing work, two of which were Federico alumni, bringing this show even closer to our hearts. We love the opportunity to watch our graduates grow and explore their talents.

federico beauty institute

Reisie, a Federico graduate of both Cosmo and Barber programs, returned to showcase her line, Zenzele Nuru, a stunning 1940’s Hollywood glam inspired collection that she completely hand crocheted. Hagen Valencia, a Barber grad as well, created a men’s wear line that was edgy yet wearable with impeccable tailoring.

Hagen Valencia
Hagen Valencia Collection

Besides our grads, there were several other fantastic designers. Angelina Martin, who had been involved in last year’s show, presented her women’s collection based on her vibrant hand printed fabrics. Stunning and sexy evening gowns by Jose Rual Rosales featured strong hourglass silhouettes and clear plastic cutouts, while Christy Jahlea Jahlou showed off her over-the-top Mardi Gras inspired back pieces. Amal Iqbal presented a beautiful spring collection with clean lines and strong shapes.

Daysha 1

Esther Romos returned for hosting duties and looked as glamorous as ever with her hair being done by one of our students. Missy O’Daniel and Jasmine Cardenas once again led the hair and makeup team. Our students, under their guidance, did an awesome job of bringing the designers looks together into a cohesive collection.

federico beauty institutefederico beauty institute

Daysha F. and Alex C., two of our part time estheticians, helped create stunning and colorful makeup looks for Angelina’s collection. They also created fun carnival looks along with full time esthetician Morgan B. for Christy Jahlea Jahlou. The hair team for Christy was led by Anupam S., a cosmetology student.

IMG_1506 IMG_1504


federico beauty institute

The team for Kirsi Sasso, led by cosmetology student Joel M., created fun, wood elf inspired hair bringing out the playful nature of her clothes, gathering flowers from outside the building to complete the looks.

federico beauty institute

Marissa P. led a group that created beautiful vintage Hollywood curls for Zenzele Nuru.

federico beauty institute


Of course, the night would not have been nearly as amazing if it hadn’t been for the team of students that stepped up and helped with setup and take down of the day. They were led by Student Ambassador Karryn S.

federico beauty institute

Thank you everyone for your amazing work!

Federico Makeover Challenge

Federico Beauty Institute
The Red Team after photo

This week the entire school participated in a makeover challenge. The twelve teams of students had two days to give a color, cut, and style makeover to two models from their team. It was a rare opportunity for students of all levels to come together and show off their creative side.

Red Team before photo

For the first day of the challenge, students worked on their color creations under the guide of the amazing Karl San Luis of Goldwell. Working mainly with Elumen, the looks ranged from subtle enhancements to more natural looks, full color corrections, from one process grey coverage to long blue-green mermaid hair.

Bronze Before
The Bronze Team before on model 1
Bronze after
The Bronze Team after on model 1

On day two, the students were working with the always entertaining Joey Foglio of Schwartzkopf Professional to perfect the cut and styling of their looks.

They worked on undercuts and bobs, long layers and men’s looks. Once the cuts were finished the students were able to hone their editorial skills a bit more and style the looks out for the stage presentation.

Once everyone was finished they all gathered in the theater and presented what they had done, the feel they were going for and what formulations they had used.

Bronze before
The Bronze Team before on model 2
Bronze after m
The Bronze Team after on model 2

After much deliberation, the faculty was able to choose a winner. It was a tough call, since everyone had worked so hard and done such amazing work, but when it was all said and done, the Purple team out shined the competition.

Purple 2
Purple Team before on model 1
Purple 1
Purple Team before on model 2
Purple after
Purple Team after

Great work everyone!

Sacramento Fashion Week 2016 Opening

Federico Fashion WeekThis Sunday marked the launch of Sacramento Fashion Week. This year is the 10th anniversary of Sacramento Fashion Week and they kicked everything off with a press preview party and boutique show at the Sacramento Auto Museum.

Sacramento Fashion Week

Sacramento Fashion Week

This year’s boutique show featured several local favorites, including Identity Boutique, Krazy Mary’s and Retrospective Vintage.  There was also a sneak peek into the Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter Designers.  There were several familiar faces, Theresa Truong and Tyniece Hall, from last year’s Emerging Next Showcase that our students were excited to be working with again.


Once again Missy O’Daniel and Jasmine Cardenas setup up a great opening night to kick off the week of events. With Goldwell and Sidney Le Beauty sponsoring this year our students were able to produce flawless looks.

Sacramento Fashion Week

Luckily we were able to stay for the show and watch all of our hard work shine on the runway.

JanyNicole Stehman

The next day was the Fashion Forum hosted by The Art Institute of California in Natomas. JanyNicole Stehman, our Student Services Coordinator joined the panel discussion along with other noted Fashion Industry professionals to speak on the crossover between the Beauty and Fashion worlds.


Capping off the opening festivities was a Hair and Makeup Trends Workshop with Missy O’Daniel of Allure Salon and Spa and Jasmine Cardenas Makeup. Their team demonstrated upcoming looks for the 2016 season while Missy went over how to break into doing Session Work.


The first three days of Fashion Week were great, but the best is yet to come.


Maria C. is the Café Fed Manager and has been with Federico for 8 years now. In that time she has worn many hats. She has also grown and changed along with the Federico Beauty Institute. We sat down to find out a little bit more about her!

Maria C.

JNS:  Hi Maria! Thank you so much for speaking with me, I know how busy you are. First off, what made you want to work for Federico?

MC: When I started here at Federico it was because my mother’s neighbor was a previous employee here and had worked in the café. She had told me about a position open here and at the time I was unemployed and needed a job. I wasn’t sure how I would feel about it, but I knew what the company was about and it seemed like a pretty cool set up. It ended up growing on me and I’ve now been with Federico for around 8 years, with just a few leaves from having my two kids. I started here before I had even finished my senior year of high school as a cashier, and now I am a little older and a little wiser, with two kids. My official position here has gone from cashier to Café Manager.

Maria C and Adam Federico

JNS: How is it working around so many beauty industry professionals? Have you ever considered switching sides and doing hair or skin?

MC: When I first started working here I was still a teenager and people would always ask me if I was a student here. I would tell them I was actually an employee. I don’t see myself doing that type of career but I enjoy watching the students learn and grow. You can learn a lot just from being around it all the time.

Maria C

JNS: Do you have any advice for students that are just starting out on how to make their time here better?

MC: I honestly recommend any future student to take advantage of the help they provide here. They offer a ton of amazing advanced education to help you learn and develop your skills. Also the educators are very helpful and they will teach you anything that you need help with.  Sometimes I even ask the educators for advice and suggestions for when I get my hair done. I think that people come to start their career and they start to struggle because they don’t think to ask for help or fully take advantage of all the knowledge and experience the people here bring. They try their best but then give up too easily. This company is one big family that is here to support each other with any problems that students encounter, but if you need help, you need to ask for it.

Maria and Julia

JNS: Such good advice. It can be hard to ask for help, but once you do, it’s amazing how much you can learn. I say, always ask questions… Ok, on to lighter stuff. What are 5 things you can’t live without?

MC: Hmmm, 5 things I can’t live without? 1. My family, because without them I would not have the help and the support that means so much to me. 2. My coffee! Gotta have my cup of joe every morning to get my day started. 3. My car, obviously, without it I would not be able to come to work every day. It is key! 4. My phone because it keeps me connected to all the important people in my life and it provides entertainment.  And 5. Would be food, because without that we would definitely not be able to survive in life, plus I gotta rep the café!


JNS: Yes! Coffee is life. Do you have any interesting facts about yourself or interesting skills or hobbies?

MC: I would like to travel somewhere that I haven’t been someday soon, maybe Hawaii or out of the country. I also like to learn new techniques with makeup! I like doing it even though I’m a little too lazy to do it on myself very often.  I also like wine tasting, it’s so relaxing and fun when you go with friends.

JNS: Thank you so much Maria! I feel like I learned so much about you today!

Hair and Fashion Week 2016

This month we were lucky enough to participate in the Hair and Fashion Week hosted by Bernaes. The event brought local barbers, stylist, cosmetology schools, and fashion designers together to create a stunning visual experience.

Hair and Fashion WeekHair and Fashion Week

We joined Mixed Institute of Cosmetology and the Arden Paul Mitchell School to provide hair and makeup for several of the local designers. The event took students from each school and combined them onto teams, helping to create a sense of community amongst the students of the various schools rather than furthering the rivalries.

Federico Beauty Institute

Everyone worked incredibly well together, embracing each other’s varied education backgrounds.

Hair and Fashion Week 2016

Our very own Ms. LaRhonda was a host for the show on, interviewing designers and various other key players of the show. Our cosmo student Christina D ended up being a model for Hill Tribe designs, absolutely killing it on the runway.

Hill Tribe Fashions Students Ebony and Christina


It was so great that our school could be involved in so many parts of such an amazing event. We can’t wait to do it again.