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5 Days Til Christmas: 5 Techie Gifts for the Beauty Lover in Your Life

By Melissa Federico LE, Beauty and Fashion Writer

It’s 5 days til Christmas. If you are still looking for a few last minute gifts and stocking stuffers, then you have no time to waste. We’ve gathered the coolest beauty gadgets and must-haves that would please anyone on your shopping list.

1. LED Face Shield

Tis the season for gifting a multitasking protective face mask. Give the gift of LED Light Therapy to the one you love because it helps treat skin concerns like acne and fine lines. Multiple settings on this mask will help target and treat these issues on the go or at-home as a part of a nightly skincare routine.

2. Myolift Mini Microcurrent Machine

At-home facial masks can be paired with a compact microcurrent machine for tighter and toned skin. It helps to lift, stretch and elongate muscles while also building collagen and increasing blood flow for a noticeable reduction in crowsfeet, saggy under-eye skin and fine lines.

3. Smart Face Mask

Clueless as to what beauty products to get for stocking stuffers? It doesn’t get any smarter than this medical-grade silicone mask by Mapo. It has built-in sensors that will give you feedback on what your skin needs, from moisture levels to products. It also warms up to aid in better product penetration.

4. Sensor Makeup Mirror

Decorate your Christmas with joy – and this super cool smart makeup mirror. There are several varieties with varying features so you can customize the experience. We like the sensor mirrors because they detect when someone is using the mirror and can also alert the user when it’s time to go.

5. Ultrasonic Pore Extractor

The DermaFlash Dermapore Pore Extractor is a nifty tool for unclogging pores. It’s a terrific stocking stuffer that you can pair with a face mask and other trendy beauty items like sheet masks for the ultimate at-home facial experience.

Techie beauty gadgets are the gifts that keep on giving for the beauty guru in your life. Depending on your budget you can add something cool and useful to any beauty routine, just remember to hit next day shipping.