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90’s Hair Will Never Go Out of Style

It might be 2017 but our current hair trends and accessories are screaming 1995! Chokers and over sized denim jackets are back and it looks as if 90s hair will never go out of style. Pop in your Spice Girls CD (You know you still have it!) and check out these 7 hair trends that are going to give you all kinds of nostalgic feels!

Collage picture showing an original 90's style on the left and the retro double-bun on the right updated for today.

Double Buns
Nothing says 90s grunge like a pair of hair buns. Whether you refer to them as space buns, double buns, or fun buns, you know this hairstyle has the power to make you stand out in a crowd.

 Collage image showing Janet Jackson on the left and a model today showing her box braids.

Box Braids
You don’t need to have seen the movie Poetic Justice to know that Janet Jackson was the first one to make box braids fashionable. Typically, box braids are used as a “protective hairstyle” but they are becoming even more fashion forward by using bright colored hair and embellishments.

Collage image showing the original Baby Hair style from the 90's and the model on the left showing the updated style for today.

Baby Hair
Baby hair isn’t just for your little girls anymore. More and more grown women are pulling out the tooth brush and gel to add a finishing touch to their favorite hair styles just like Chilli from TLC. I’m all for laying down the edges but let’s put an end to over-swooping and make sure our baby hairs aren’t getting a style of their own.

Topanga Ponytail shown in the original 90's on the left and an updated version for today on the right.

Topanga Ponytail
Topanga’s hair was hands down my favorite thing about Boy Meets World. She had the hair that every girl dreamed of and that ponytail she rocked will forever be one of my favorite go-to hairstyles because it works with all hair types.

On the left is Rachael from the TV show Friends in the 90's sporting a shaggy bob and the model on the right showing the updated style for today.

Shaggy Bob
Rachel made the shaggy bob iconic and I can’t say that the style has ever gone away! It’s a hairstyle that has managed to stay trendy decade after decade. We no longer have to hate that awkward length after our bob starts to grow out!

Drew Barrymore from the 90's on the right wearing a flower crown and the model on the right showing the style updated for today.

Flower Crowns
I don’t know about you but every time I see a daisy flower crown, all I can think about is the beautiful and bubbly Drew Barrymore in her prime. They’ve become popular at festivals and weddings or you can just wear one when you just need to feel like a fairy for the day.

On the left, Scary Spice of the Spice Girls and her Bantu Knots, while the model on the right shows them off, updated for today.

Bantu Knots
When I was in the third grade, I went to see Spice World with my best friend. I remember seeing Scary Spice in her bantu knots and instantly thinking that I couldn’t wait until I got home so that I could ask my sister to do my hair in the same style. Bantu Knots are extremely popular in the natural hair community and one of the coolest fashion statements around.

Now, if only I can get someone to bring back butterfly clips and scrunchies, my heart will be full.