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Alumni Spotlight- Robert Padilla

Robert Padilla graduated in 2012 and is currently employed as an assistant at AJF Salon. We caught up with Robert to find out how things have been going since he left Federico.


What has been the biggest opportunity you have been given since graduating Federico?

My job at AJF Salon has been my biggest opportunity.  The work here has opened so many doors, the travel, the artists, the teachers, the experience there, the connections, and even when I see something that isn’t for me, I take it in as I know how I can work it so that it fits me, my style.  The work at AJF is not like previous jobs I’ve had.  I’m inspired, I’m growing, and I see a fulfilling and creative future ahead of me. 


How have you grown as a stylist since leaving Federico?

I’ve grown immensely as a stylist.  There’s of course, the education, which created my foundation.  Within the last 3 months of working at AJF,  it has given me the opportunity to explore my creative side.


The advanced trainings with visiting artists are mind-blowing.  Happy Mondays are some of my favorite days.  Tuesday & Thursday I get to refine my skills and what I’ve learned throughout the weeks on my own models.  Even the smallest of tasks that I do in the salon has given me a deep appreciation on how to make clients feel their best.  When I give them my best, I feel rewarded by my work.


Tell us about your recent experience in NYC at ARROJO Expo.

The emphasis of the trip was hands-on education.  Even so, we were always trained to keep creativity in mind.  It was interesting to meet so many new people in various aspects of the industry.  A great networking opportunity.  I left with knowledge, and even more important, inspiration.



What inspires you to continue growing?

In everything that I do, I have  the opportunity to be creative, though I’m learning from master trainers, I still have to give my heart and my personal touch to whatever I do.  Whether its assisting, or learning a new technique, I envision my own spin on it.  Add travel to the picture, new locations, unique and different ways of doing things, and I feel ready to run.



Did you graduate from Federico and want to share your story?  E-mail [email protected]  We would love to hear from you!