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Nail Designs with T

By Tushiya Hunter, Beauty and Hair Blogger My nail journey in 2020 had its share of ups and downs. During the Pandemic, my health was the most important thing to me, as well as my hygiene. It’s not easy to take care of natural nails (both your hands and your feet). Indoors, I washed my

The Most Common Winter Hair Care Woes – and How to Solve Them

Cold weather season could be wrecking your hair. We’ll tell you how to stop it. Winter welcomes a host of upsides: from cozy sweaters, scarves and hats to evenings spent fireside – there’s no shortage of items in the plus column. In the minus column, your hair’s health. That’s because the cold weather outside combined

New Years Resolution: Reduce the Appearance of Atrophic Scarring

Melissa Federico, LE and Beauty Writer Truth: isolation can be stressful. Stress manifests itself in all sorts of ways. Right now with continued mask wear, it’s likely on the lower half of your face in the form of breakouts. Sometimes after acne heals it can result in flat red scars that will go away on

Achieve the Hair of your Dreams with 2021’s Best Healthy-Eating Plans

By: Sarah Federico, Beauty & Wellness Writer For lustrous, strong hair: healthy eating habits forever (and then some) 2021 is just hours away – and we don’t know about you – but this upcoming year, we’re in search of some much-needed balance. So, we’re setting an intention to achieve optimal health. Luckily, this means that

Last Minute Stocking Stuffers? Don’t Fret: All we want for Christmas is Bleu

By: Sarah Federico, Beauty & Wellness Writer The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, in hope that Bleu hair products soon would be there. Well friends, it’s official: we have now entered into ‘last minute gift giving’ territory. We know – it snuck up on us, too. The hustle, the bustle, the cookies,

5 Days Til Christmas: 5 Techie Gifts for the Beauty Lover in Your Life

By Melissa Federico LE, Beauty and Fashion Writer It’s 5 days til Christmas. If you are still looking for a few last minute gifts and stocking stuffers, then you have no time to waste. We’ve gathered the coolest beauty gadgets and must-haves that would please anyone on your shopping list. 1. LED Face Shield Tis