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Autumn Nail Trends Inspired by SS21 Fashion Week

By: Sarah Federico, Beauty and Wellness Writer For your best manicure, yet. When the global pandemic struck in March, the style obsessed had a tough time envisioning what a socially distanced #NYFW fashion week might look like. But luckily, necessity and innovation collided, delivering unto us spectacular trends – and an all-access pass to the

In Case You Missed Fashion Week – It’s Okay, the Environment Needs You More

By Melissa Federico, LE and Beauty and Fashion Writer Nature-lover and philosopher, Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Nature never became a toy to a wise spirit.” What would good ol’ Waldo think of our modern society of convenience and disposability? Playing around with our natural resources has left a huge environmental impact. The United Nations has

Elevate your Pandemic Style-Vibe with Need-to-Know Autumn Hair Color Techniques

By Sarah Federico, Beauty and Wellness Writer The verdict is in. The best autumn colors are refreshingly low-maintenance – and here’s why … Can you feel it? We feel it. Change is in the air. From cool, crisp mornings to pumpkin EVERYTHING, autumn has arrived. With it, we welcome the seasonal hair color shift. Why?

Seasonal Produce for Skin and Wellness

Melissa Federico, LE and Beauty and Fashion Writer Nutritionally speaking, can we call 2020 a wash? Like a bad relationship, we all need to move on. And what better time to reevaluate than the changing of a season. Fall is filled with colorful comfort foods and there are several ways that you can satisfy your

Restore Summer Damaged Hair – and Discover Root to Tip Vitality

By: Sarah Federico, Beauty and Wellness Writer A summer well spent is often marked by hair that’s seen better days. “The sun, sea salt and chlorine all dry hair out, big time,” says Rita Hazan, celebrity colorist. “It’s the most common type of hair damage I see.” But luckily, damage borne from summer-fun is largely

Surviving Wildfire Season: 5 Little Things to Help You Feel and Breathe Better

by Melissa Federico, LE and Beauty Writer California is having the worst fire season yet. Even if the flames are not blazing directly near you, the impact on the environment can be felt from hundreds of miles away. With the persistent pollution in the air, it is likely we’ll all start feel it too: flat