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Aloe Vera is for Everyone – says @busyfoxy

By Melissa Federico, LE and Beauty WriterFor me, nothing is better than a good beauty hack. Especially when it’s an authentic beauty tip without a paid sponsorship. Fresh aloe vera masks have been trending throughout the summer, and that’s also how #aloeveraskincare led me to Alexandra, @busyfoxy, a small business owner of @tappiobubbletea who is

Use Self-Care to Keep Calm in the Face of Wildfire & COVID Related Stress

By: Sarah Federico, Beauty & Wellness Writer Wildfire season has sparked to life months ahead of schedule in California. Factor in a west coast heat wave and the COVID-19 pandemic and increased anxiety levels are nearly unavoidable. With all of that excess tension, it’s important – if not essential – to prioritize self-care. “One of

Beauty Minimalist: 3 Products for the End of Summer

By Melissa Federico, LE and Beauty Writer Enjoy every last day of your golden summer tan by amplifying your look with minimal effort. The key to looking like you have on makeup and being simultaneously carefree is with strategic multipurpose products and a minimalistic, laissez-faire approach. We think you’ll find this particularly appealing during a

The Ultimate At-Home Guide to Shaping Your Nails Like A Pro

By: Sarah Federico, Beauty and Wellness Writer At-home beauty techniques can range from simple upkeep – to the downright baffling. Because, just when we figured out how to achieve the perfect iteration of the beachy brow, we’re required to execute near magician-like makeup tricks. We’re looking at you watercolor lids. Now, it seems that this

Pastel Pink: Quarantine’s Hottest – and Most Unexpected – Hair Color

By: Sarah Federico, Beauty and Wellness Writer The sobering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic stretch on – and in their midst – we find ourselves in search of things that spark joy. So, it’s no surprise that our latest daydreams include hair hues of cotton candy pink. We are, after all, tress obsessed. Add to