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Breakout Beauty Trend 2020: What’s Really Causing Your Butt Acne?

By Melissa Federico, LE and Beauty and Fashion Writer

Acne is the most common skin issue in the United States as reported by The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD). The AAD also lists that acne in adults has been steadily increasing and with Covid basically throwing off everyone’s idea of normal, it’s understandable. But the big “breakout star” of 2020 isn’t maskne (mask acne) but rather buttne. Data trends released by Spate noted that there have been recently been 42,000 searches on butt acne.

If you find yourself uncomfortable with this topic, know that it’s a very common and unflattering skin condition. We talk about it casually because your skin is the largest organ and things like this happen. However not every bump you get is a pimple and should be treated with acne products. To feel good about every part of your body we easily narrowed down it two things: why it happens and how to treat it.


It could be acne, but it could also be something else masquerading as acne. If every acne medication you’ve treated these small bumps with hasn’t lessened their appearance, you may have a bacterial or fungal issue caused by yeast. This skin condition is called folliculitis and it’s associated with blocked pores and small, itchy bumps. It’s completely common but this condition can be worsened by irritation caused by sweat, chronic rubbing and poor hygiene.


With over 7,000 searches for butt masks, there are more butt masks available than, probably ever before in the history of butt masks. However, more options don’t always mean better choices. The top brands related to the data trends were Bawdy and Yes To but it’s not the brand that is important when it comes to treating butt acne but rather knowing what the issue is and targeting it with the right ingredient.

If you have a fungal issue an acne ingredient won’t help. You’ll need to get ahold of an anti-fungal medication from a doctor. You can also try out an over-the-counter anti-fungal cream or dandruff shampoo. Since dandruff is also caused by yeast, it may help get rid of those pesky bumps that never seem to budge. Leave it on just long enough to soak into your skin and rinse off. After a few showers, you should see a difference.

As for other treatments that help, whatever you do, don’t turn to an abrasive scrub. It will worsen folliculitis so stick to a body wash that has an active ingredient like salicylic acid. This will decrease the chances of getting bacterial folliculitis. Lactic acid is another great ingredient because it will help with the prevention of this issue and also lighten hyperpigmentation from any previous breakouts.

Butt pimlpes are a bum-mer. We hope the tips above help you move towards the right treatment and a smoother behind.