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Brunette Color Trends – And why you Need a Blue Shampoo to Maintain them

By: Sarah Federico

Brunette? Lucky you. This year’s color inspo is on point. And blue shampoo is here in force to keep it looking fierce.

Memorial Day: the unofficial start to poolside season. It’s coming – and we want to be prepared. So, in addition to our latest pair of Diff Eyewear sunnies, we’re adding some pops and pieces to our single-process brunette hues. Consider it the ultimate warm weather accessory. But unlike most warm weather accouterment, this add-on can get ugly, quick.

So, to keep our strands looking day one fabulous, we’re turning to our latest color-care crush, blue shampoo. Here, we’re dishing on the season’s best versions of brunette, 2.0 – and the color shampoo’s that help to maintain them.

First Things First: The Color Inspo

A PSA for all the brunette beauties out there: it’s an exciting year to be YOU. Because, from hazelnut brunette to chocolate ombre, there’s no shortage of eye-catching techniques to add a little bit of sizzle to your single process hue. We’re breaking down our favorites.

Hazelnut Brunette: It goes without saying that the best color choices are the ones inspired by nature. So, number one on our summer brunette color list is this nut-colored brunette. “This brunette is a tone-on-tone brown with glimpses of golden, light browns to depths of a deeper ashy brown,” Liz Burns, Creative Director and Lead Stylist at Goldie x Bob Salon in Denver, tells Glamour. It’s “low maintenance with high impact,” she adds.

Ash Brown: Another nod to nature is 2021’s mushroom colored ash-brown. The key to this color is simple. Ask your stylist to balayage strands with cool to neutral blond pieces throughout – but be prepared for a healthy dose of upkeep. Though one of our favorite warm-weather color-trends, we certainly wouldn’t dub this one low-maintenance.

Chocolate Ombre: Well, color us surprised (terrible pun intended) – this technique STILL exists. To accomplish a chocolate ombre, ask your stylist to melt a dark base into caramel-colored ends. It’s the perfect, low-maintenance color solution, with just the right amount of pop.

The Money Piece: More of a technique than a specific color, the “money piece” is a face framing highlight around the front hairline. Made with a balayage technique, this look is popular because it requires minimal in-salon work – but achieves maximum visual impact.

Golden-Hour Pops: Like the light that hits just right at sunrise and sunset, bright, golden pops look great on just about everyone. That’s because gold reflects the MOST amount of light, creating the perfect amount of dimensional shine.

Which Blue Shampoo is Right for You?

It’s true: subtle – and sometimes not-so-subtle – pops can help to breathe new life into brunette hair. But when you lighten your brunette hue, you’re exposing its underlying pigments – and oftentimes that pigment is orange. Never cute. That’s why we’re sharing our favorite blue-hued suds studs, perfect for keeping orange at bay.

Best Botanical Formula: Phyto Argent No Yellow Shampoo. Lather, rinse, repeat. Formulated with walnut leaf, rhatany root and broom, this botanical powerhouse neutralizes brassiness, plus dramatically softens and corrects unwanted yellow tones from the first wash.

Best for Hair Repair: dpHUE Cool Brunette Shampoo. This gentle, sulfate free cleanser neutralizes orange, red and brassy tones, leaving brunette strands looking cool and fresh in between salon visits. It also strengthens strands and adds a major dose of shine, thanks to high-performance ingredients such as silk protein and hibiscus flower.

Best Add-In: IGK Mixed Feelings Leave-In Brunette Toning Drops. Featuring concentrated blue pigment drops that instantly tone out orange and red brass, plus increase luster, this push button product allows you to customize your favorite shampoo or conditioner. Just add your desired amount for an instant, neutralizing effect.