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Casual 4 A Cause

Around here, we all have to follow a dress code. Although the students have it a bit worse than the staff and educators do, sometimes we all just want to throw on a pair of jeans. All of our cosmetologists, barbers and estheticians are only allowed to wear black and white so you can imagine when the third Friday and Saturday of every month rolls around, there’s quite a bit of excitement on our campus. Why the third Friday and Saturday? That’s when Federico has a little something we like to call Casual 4 A Cause.

Casual 4 A Cause is a monthly fundraiser where you get to pay to be casual. That means blue jeans for everyone! Well, that and other colors that we never get to see students in. Not only does the money raised support numerous causes, it’s also pretty awesome that we get see a lot of personalities come out. In order to participate in Casual 4 A Cause, all you do is pay $3 for one day or $5 for two. Some are in it for the perk of wearing what you like, but a lot of us participate for the cause.

Frederico Beauty Institute students in their casual wear to raise awareness.

Our very own Tammy J. takes care of all things related to Casual 4 A Cause (book keeping and HR as well) so she went ahead and gave us a little break down of where exactly all the funds go.

“We typically raise about $125 a month with Casual 4 A Cause and that money goes to our Wig Bank Fund. As you may or may not know, we are very involved with Breast Cancer Awareness with the passing of the Federico’s Mother. Any patient with cancer can contact the American Cancer Society and sign up for our wig program. The American Cancer Society then sends us a certificate with the patient’s name and that patient comes in for a wig fitting appointment.  They can pick whichever wig they like (we try to keep a variety on hand), get it washed, cut and styled for free!”

How awesome is that!?

“There are special occasions that we will donate the funds in other directions.  At Halloween, we went all out with the Students and did the Trick or Treat festival with the Mustard Seed kids. We are currently working on prepaid gas cards for their organization. We found out that they’ve been having difficulties getting the children here for the free services we provide them due to a lack of gas funds.”

The funds definitely go to great causes! If you or someone you know would like more information on how to sign up for our wig program, contact our front desk at 916-929-4242