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The 2020 Healthy Hair Diet: Eat Mindfully for Gorgeous Tresses

By: Sarah Federico, Beauty and Lifestyle Writer Softer, shinier, healthier: In 2020, your hair can check all of the boxes – if you can commit to eating the rainbow. For enviable strands, put down the styling tools and pick up a fork full of mindfulness. What you put on your plate can play a big

Men’s Grooming: A Step-by-Step Guide to Establishing a Self-Care Routine

By: Sarah Federico, Beauty and Lifestyle Writer Some guys look like they were born with good style: hair on point, beard well-kempt and skin looking clear and well-hydrated. Are these men superior to you? Absolutely not. They’ve just got a grooming routine that puts yours to shame. At Federico Beauty Institute, we know that good

(3 Products to Help You) Get Your Pre-90’s Brows Back

By: Melissa Federico, LE and Beauty and Fashion WriterGrowing up in the 90s, my eyebrows were victim of the pencil-thin brow-trend, fast-forward into the 21st century, and now it’s all about youthful, thick brows. Would I be stuck mourning the loss of my former shape and have over-plucked lines framing my face forever? As if! Brows

What Lies Beneath: Prep-Steps from the Pro’s

By: Melissa Federico, LE and Beauty and Fashion Writer Do you find that when you use the same products as a professional makeup artist, your attempt leaves you with less than a professional look? The base of any amazing makeup look is a solid skincare routine that keeps skin in pristine condition, but the trick

What You Need to Know About Facial Toning

By: Melissa Federico, Licensed Esthetician and Beauty and Fashion writerAs fall approaches, it reminds us that change can be beautiful, but the feelings you may have over falling leaves may not be the same for the falling muscles in your face. Seventy percent of aging is based on how you treat your skin. The rest

Strand Nourishing Tips for Post-Summer Hair Repair

By: Sarah Federico Beauty and Lifestyle Writer Summer has been good: from hiking trails and pony tails to long poolside days spent under the sun. You have basked in its glow; but at the cost of your sun-ravaged strands. They are now conceding defeat, and have turned brassy and brittle. With autumn on the horizon,