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What Lies Beneath: Prep-Steps from the Pro’s

By: Melissa Federico, LE and Beauty and Fashion Writer   Do you find that when you use the same products as a professional makeup artist, your attempt leaves you with less than a professional look? The base of any amazing makeup look is a solid skincare routine that keeps skin in pristine condition, but the

Halloween Makeup: The Ultimate Breakdown of Euphoria’s Iconic Fantasy Looks

By: Melissa Federico, LE and Beauty and Fashion writer   Have you been trying to connect with your squad about coordinating Halloween costumes? Don’t bother – they’re probably busy practicing their Euphoria makeup from the last post. That could work for you, but you better act fast to secure your spirit animal below – these

The Best Hair-Colors to Keep Tresses Trending This Fall

By: Sarah Federico Beauty and Lifestyle Writer We get it. It can be tempting to grab on to the familiar during the cold weather months – sweater dress and pumpkin spice latte, we’re looking at you. But when it comes to picking out your cool weather hair color, opting for something that’s both bold and warm

What You Need to Know About Facial Toning

By: Melissa Federico, Licensed Esthetician and Beauty and Fashion writer   As fall approaches, it reminds us that change can be beautiful, but the feelings you may have over falling leaves may not be the same for the falling muscles in your face. Seventy percent of aging is based on how you treat your skin.

Morgan Cameron wants to heal your skin– and hopefully your soul

By: Melissa Federico, Beauty & Fashion Writer and Licensed Esthetician.   Federico Esthetics Graduate, Morgan Cameron, owns the spa Enlightened Beauty in midtown Sacramento. The Spa recently reinvented itself, growing from a single SOLA studio to a new 2400 square foot space on the corner of F and 12th Streets. Complete with an electric logo sign,

Facial Oils: Why They Should Be Part of Your Routine

By: Melissa Federico, Beauty & Fashion Writer and Licensed Esthetician. Traditional moisturizers are great. They have many practical benefits and feel like a luxurious treat for your skin. But they may really be holding you back if you are going for a glowing complexion. Facial oils can be a smart alternative to the classic moisturizer

Dave Diggs Inspires Students at Federico

It’s always awesome when we have big names in the industry come out to speak to our students but when those big names have had an especially difficult past, it seems as if our students appreciate the visit ten times more. Andis International Education and Style Team Member, Dave Diggs, came out to teach us