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Products We Swear By

Today I took a quick stroll to our beauty boutique because I left my beloved Denman Brush in Arizona a few weekends ago. I’ve been absolutely miserable without it because it’s the only brush that doesn’t pull my hair out when using it. I’ve been stuck using some random brush that I got as a

Beard Talk with Dustin

A lot of men are ditching the razor and opting for a full, scruffy beard. Some women like a clean shaved gentleman, but others (including myself) are begging their significant others to rock a kick ass beard instead. When I met my boyfriend, Kevin, close to 2 years ago, he had a mustache and a

A personal message from Joseph Federico.

Recently, I became a proud parent. I was doubly blessed with twins: a boy and a girl. Becoming a parent for the first time I was flooded with fears, thoughts, and dreams for my children. Don’t worry I am not going to start to wax poetic about life and children, far better writers  than myself