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Study Abroad with ZGAT: Federico Advanced in Croatia

By: Sarah Federico Beauty and Lifestyle Writer   The streets are lined with cobblestones, the building’s walls are spray-painted in vivid hues resulting in a city full of masterpieces. Coffee shops are abundant, and beer is less than two dollars a pint; the people are friendly. This is the idyllic city of Zagreb, Croatia.    

Kellie Swallow’s “Intuitive Skincare”

By: Melissa Federico, Licensed Esthetician and Beauty and Fashion writer   Kellie Swallow, LE and permanent makeup artist started her esthetics journey in 2008. She enrolled in Federico as a way to help family, but ended up falling in love with the industry. Wanting to stay connected to the industry she became an Esthetics educator

NYFW SS20: 80’s Inspired Tresses – and how to Achieve them

By: Sarah Federico Beauty and Lifestyle Writer   New York Fashion Week SS20 sets the precedent: 80’s inspired tresses reign supreme. Runways were dotted with slicked back coifs, center-parted waves, anything-but-basic pony’s and cornrows. Flowers, feathers and sparkles set the tone, showing that details really do make the difference between simple – and stellar. See three

What You Need to Know About Facial Toning

By: Melissa Federico, Licensed Esthetician and Beauty and Fashion writer   As fall approaches, it reminds us that change can be beautiful, but the feelings you may have over falling leaves may not be the same for the falling muscles in your face. Seventy percent of aging is based on how you treat your skin.

Strand Nourishing Tips for Post-Summer Hair Repair

By: Sarah Federico Beauty and Lifestyle Writer Summer has been good: from hiking trails and pony tails to long poolside days spent under the sun. You have basked in its glow; but at the cost of your sun-ravaged strands. They are now conceding defeat, and have turned brassy and brittle. With autumn on the horizon,

Morgan Cameron wants to heal your skin– and hopefully your soul

By: Melissa Federico, Beauty & Fashion Writer and Licensed Esthetician.   Federico Esthetics Graduate, Morgan Cameron, owns the spa Enlightened Beauty in midtown Sacramento. The Spa recently reinvented itself, growing from a single SOLA studio to a new 2400 square foot space on the corner of F and 12th Streets. Complete with an electric logo sign,

Making NOISE in Asia

By: Sarah Federico, Adam Federico, creative director for Federico Beauty Institute and Federico Advanced, traveled to China and Taiwan in June to help partake in “the anti-hair show hair show”…. Raw. Visceral. And a bit in your face. This is NOISE, the immersive and authentic alternative to today’s hair show. Adam Federico is humbled and