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Hale & Hush – A Spotlight Line for Sensitive Skin

By: Melissa Federico, LE and Beauty and Fashion Writer Hale (adj: Free from disease or infirmity; robust; hearty) Hush (verb: to calm, quiet, or soothe) When describing your skin, do you often find yourself referring to it as sensitive? According to Skin Inc. magazine, 44.6% of Americans believe they have sensitive skin. The funny thing

Sun, Wind and Pollution: How an Urban Lifestyle Could be Damaging your Hair

By: Sarah Federico, Beauty and Lifestyle Writer The conveniences of an urban lifestyle are indisputable – but these amenities come at a price. And that price might just be the health and vitality of your hair.   Your hair withstands attack against many known abuses ranging from daily heat styling to in-salon chemical treatments, but it’s

Trend Alert: Body Masking – Here, There, Everywhere

By: Melissa Federico, LE and Beauty and Fashion Writer Embrace a new you in the New Year, and there is no better way to start than with a mask – for every part of your body. Not only have we sourced a mask from head to toe, but we have gathered the trendiest ways to

3 Three Ways to Handle Winterized Skin in the New Year

By: Melissa Federico, LE and Beauty and Fashion Writer Now that the most joyful time of the year is over, it is all about new beginnings. Making a fresh start may be hard when your skin is suffering from the harsh winter elements – including dry, flaky and dehydrated skin. While we certainly can’t take

Beautifully Shaped Brows by Veronica Robinson

By: Melissa Federico, LE and Beauty and Fashion Writer Eyebrow envy is a real thing these days… and having well defined brows can help transform your face. So, when you look at your own brows, are you happy with their shape? Their fullness? You are probably not alone. Getting that perfect arch can be difficult,

The Ultimate Holiday Hair Guide: Look Festive – Stress Less

By: Sarah Federico Beauty and Lifestyle Writer Alert: You are now entering a stress-free holiday zone. The season of joy is fast arriving, and with it an assortment of not to be missed social engagements. And whether you’re headed to an ugly-sweater soiree or a black-tie event, keeping tresses in their top (and most merry)