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What Lies Beneath: Prep-Steps from the Pro’s

By: Melissa Federico, LE and Beauty and Fashion Writer   Do you find that when you use the same products as a professional makeup artist, your attempt leaves you with less than a professional look? The base of any amazing makeup look is a solid skincare routine that keeps skin in pristine condition, but the

Achieve Longer Hair, Faster, with Three No-Fail Tips

By: Sarah Federico Beauty and Lifestyle Writer Faster, longer, stronger: these three words define our healthy-hair-dreams. While it seems that some women were simply blessed with abundant locks, long and luscious is a state that continues to elude many of us. Despite our best efforts, it seems that our hair just likes to… Take. Its. Time.

Makeup Trend: A Sense of Euphoria

By: Melissa Federico, LE and Beauty and Fashion writer   Whether you’re a fan of the controversial HBO series or not – it’s made an impact. From feed chatter to fashion week, Euphoria-inspired makeup has booted natural beauty trends in favor of playful graphic liners, washed punchy colors, negative space eyeshadows, gemstones (lots of them,

Dave Diggs Inspires Students at Federico

It’s always awesome when we have big names in the industry come out to speak to our students but when those big names have had an especially difficult past, it seems as if our students appreciate the visit ten times more. Andis International Education and Style Team Member, Dave Diggs, came out to teach us

Federico Takes 2nd Place at Hair Wars!

You can’t have an amazing Hair Show without a couple of swords and an amazingly choreographed bloody battle on stage. Federico has competed in Hair Wars for a while now and this year we proved that “The beast inside is not dead!” Our students came together as a complete team of Barbers, Cosmetologists and Estheticians

Bantu Knots and Why They’re so Beautiful

It seems as though there are a lot of hairstyles that aren’t only beautiful, but seem to find controversy in the media. The edgy style known as Bantu Knots have found its way in the middle of numerous arguments and misunderstandings when assumed they were made popular by the latest singers and public figures. The

Alumni Advice

We have heard it time and time again during graduation speeches, “If I could go back, one thing I would do differently while in school was…”  But what about once you are licensed? What are things you know now that you would tell yourself as a student? We got the chance to ask a few of our