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Make At-Home Blowouts Easier with a Hot-Air Brush

By: Sarah Federico Beauty & Wellness Writer Brag alert: We’ve nailed the at-home blowout – and we’re pretty impressed with our ability to wield a blowdryer, flat iron and curling iron (and produce near-perfect results). But this small miracle includes a post-shower routine that’s no-less-than 45 minutes in length. Truthfully, we find that this juggling

Memorial Day Beauty Guide: SPF Sun Safe Weekend

By Melissa Federico Cash The three-day Memorial weekend is the start of the summer season. While Covid may have you adjusting your celebrations over the holiday weekend, one thing will remain the same: the need for sun protection. It’s really an all year kind of thing but with wearing a mask, there’s more to just

Lash Lift Vs. Lash Extensions: Which Treatment Is Right For You

Tress obsessed … It goes without saying. But that obsession extends all the way down to the tips of our shiny, black lashes. Because, we believe that long, full lashes can elevate any look. Mascara certainly gets the job done – and quick. But between itchy allergy eyes and shear laziness (yes, we said it),

How Lymphatic Drainage Can Save Puffy, Sallow, Congested Skin

By Melissa Federico Cash Co-written by Chandra Green-Tian What is Lymphatic Drainage? Developed in the 30s in Paris as a way to drain swollen lymph nodes. It’s used today in facial treatments to improve skin and aid in the drainage of Lymph. This increased circulation helps to detoxify skin and improve its overall clarity and

Brunette Color Trends – And why you Need a Blue Shampoo to Maintain them

By: Sarah Federico Brunette? Lucky you. This year’s color inspo is on point. And blue shampoo is here in force to keep it looking fierce. Memorial Day: the unofficial start to poolside season. It’s coming – and we want to be prepared. So, in addition to our latest pair of Diff Eyewear sunnies, we’re adding

If You Need a Daily Cleanser, Go for the Milky Cleanse

By Melissa Federico Cash Facial cleansers are a foundational part of any skincare routine. There are different types of cleansers because it takes varying ingredients to control and balance different skin types. One type of cleanser is constantly overlooked and can be used daily on any skin type: the milky cleanser. We are going to