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Creative Advanced Haircutting with Jeremy Davies Barbala

We started 2015 with a bang by welcoming Jeremy Davies-Barbala to Federico Advanced Education for his class, Creative Advanced Haircutting. Jeremy has been honing his skills as a cutter for over 20 years, having started his career at the age of 15. His years of experience at Vidal Sassoon have given him a unique approach to the fundamentals of hair cutting.

Creative Advanced Haircutting with Jeremy Davies Barbala
“Seeing things in a new way and using the finer details of design and suitability to achieve success” Jeremy Davies-Barbala addresses the class

His presentation taught you to take the fundamentals of hair-cutting and use them to build out your creative cutting skills. Allowing students to take the skills they were already perfecting and apply them to more abstract shapes.

Creative haircutting with Jeremy Davies Barbala photo by
Jeremy sectioning out an asymmetric bob
Having the model hang upside down while diffusing to increase volume

Jeffery P., one of the students working the class, said “Watching Jeremy part hair was like watching a magic show. Or a world class ballet. I never imagined I would be so in awe of a hair part until I saw his work” In one fluid motion Jeremy would perfectly section out the hair into beautiful geometric shapes. His lines were so clean and precise and quick, you almost worried he was cutting them not combing them.
“It’s about cross checking, not cross cutting” Jeremy Davies-Barbala cutting an asymettric bob on model Kate K.
Cross checking on model Caitlin S.
Perfecting the nape on model Heather H.

When he cut the hair it was as if it had been carved out of smooth marble. Every cut was made with such precision that one cut in you could have sworn he was already done. The hair transformed so dramatically with every cut.

His technical skill was surpassed only by his charming personality and desire to spread knowledge and creativity.

Jeremy Davies Barbala and Adam Federico photo by
Jeremy Davies-Barbala and Adam Federico

Thank you Jeremy, for sharing your years of experience with everyone here at Federico Advanced.

Photos by Nicholas Wray

Text by JanyNicole Stehman