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CRUSH At-Home Blow Out Goals with a Flat Wrap Blow Dry

By: Sarah Federico, Beauty & Wellness Writer

Give it to us, now. That silky smooth salon blowout – in six easy steps.

If you’ve ever been to a full-service salon, you’ve most likely experienced the luxury of a flat wrap blow dry. This technique delivers a glossy blowout – while leaving natural movement in the hair.

And we don’t know about you – but we don’t *necessarily* want to wait for our next appointment to experience that flat-wrap-magic. So, we’re dishing on the six simple steps required to perfect your blowout at-home.

Read on to discover how you can achieve a flat wrap blow dry … without ever breaking quarantine.

Step 1: Begin by applying R+Co Park Avenue Blowout Balm to the mid-lengths and ends of hair. Formulated with nourishing Rice Protein, Vitamin E and Soy Proteins, this vitamin-rich balm smooths and strengthens strands, ensuring a luxurious end result.

Step 2: Select a paddle brush, such as the VARIS Hydroionic Crystal Infused Paddle Brush. This can help to reduce static and add shine when blow drying. Next, tip the head forward and section the hair down the middle.

Starting at the nape of the neck, brush hair tightly against the scalp as you move towards the left. Use a nozzle attachment to focus your dryer’s air flow towards the roots as you move the brush.

Pro-Tip: Drying the roots first can help to correct undesirable growth patterns, plus reduces blow dry times by up-to half.

Step 3: Using the same technique outlined in step two, go back in and blow dry roots to the right, making sure to wrap the hair around the shape of the head.

Step 4: Continue this technique throughout the four regions of the head, including the nape, the crown and both sides, working in horizontal sections.

Step 5: Once roots are completely dry, switch from a paddle brush to a boar bristle brush such as the VARIS Smoothing Brush, which touts a high-quality blend of boar and nylon bristles. Apply a shine-enhancing serum, such as R+Co Two Way Mirror Smoothing Oil, which leaves strands polished and lustrous without weighing them down.

Step 6: Using your smoothing brush, go over each section with the dryer to smooth out and polish the look.