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Educator Spotlight: Trish Avalos

We sat down with Ms. Trish, lead cosmetology educator, this week to talk about her inspiration for becoming an educator ad how it has enriched her life.

Trish Avalos

How long have you been in the industry and what inspired you to become an educator?

I have been in the industry for 18 years.  I actually didn’t plan on becoming an educator,  I was given a scholarship to take the Instructor’s Course.  Then as I began to work with students I loved the connection it created teaching someone a craft.  I watched the creativity start to flow along with the excitement about what they were learning and accomplishing.  I was hooked!

The most memorable moment in your career..

I once had this student in one of my classes who seemed to really be struggling.  I wasn’t sure if she was really even focused on her education.  When she graduated she came to me to explain what had been going on in her life and her struggles, and said she had almost quit a couple of times.  She said the encouragement and extra help I gave her was what she needed to push through.  Things I was doing were making this huge impact on her life.  It made me realize how much we effect people and decisions they make in their lives.

Why do you think the professional beauty industry is the most amazing place to work?

I feel privileged to be in this industry,  it allows you the opportunity to make people feel amazing and look beautiful!  We are able to express our creativity and ever changing trends which keeps things fresh and exciting!