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Federico Students Dominate the State Board Exams

Left to right: Barber Jeff P., Barber Nato N., Cosmo Sonya M., and Barber Colby T.

The dreaded state board exams. Most students spend an entire year, sometimes longer, gearing up for the exam. Everything they have trained for and studied all comes down to this one test. Everything they learn and practice from Phase one, up until their final clock out is intended to prepare them for what they will experience once they enter the industry, but if they can’t pass the state board it was all for naught. In general, the week leading up to that test is spent worrying and studying, practicing drills and preparing their kit.

Barbers Nato and Jeff with Cosmo Alex C.

Well, it turns out; all that prep is worth it! We at Federico’s know how nerve-wracking the time leading up to State Board can be we’re incredibly proud of the fact that so far in 2015 our students have done insanely well on State Board.

Cosmo Aonnie H.

Between the first two quarters of this year, every single barber that has taken the exam has passed. That’s 100%! Former student and current instructor, Zac Mayberry, scored a 94% on his written exam.  That’s the highest written score any barber student has had since we have started the Barber Program.

Esthi Mindy

For Cosmetology a combined 98% of our students have passed for the first half of the year. Former student ambassador, Alexandra C. came in on top with a whopping 98% on her written exam.

On the Esthetics side of things, 95% of our students have passed! Sussan A. and Nirmeen H. were top of their class with a 98% on their written exams.

Esthi's Laura and Zoena

Esthi Happi Y.

Overall we couldn’t be more proud of each every student here. We know how hard everyone has worked to get to this point and we can’t wait to see what you all do now that you can fully follow your passions!

Cosmos Stephanie A. and Brittany K.