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#FedericoLife Friday

We pulled our favorite #FedericoLife Instagram posts from the week to see what is going on in the world of Federico.


Study Abroad

A group of 9 very lucky students left for Tokyo, Japan this Wednesday.  After an incredibly long International flight, they hit the ground running!




Kelsie R. shared her view from the glass floor at the top of the Tokyo Tower.

Glass floor on tokyo tower




Haunted House


Krystal K. shared her zombie creations from Corbett’s House of Horror where our students provide all the hair and makeup for the cast.

fed life 6  krystal keller at haunted house


Hannah B. had so much fun helping with hair and makeup she joined the Corbett’s cast and joined in on the scary good time!

fed life 5




Campus Life


Ms. Carrie and her texture class take a little #selfie break between State Board drills.

 fed life 2



Marissa B. spent her Monday morning taking an #AdvancedEducation webinar from the ASCP regarding extractions.  Talk about living the #EsthiLife!

fed life 4


The #barbers are officially taking appointments and the barber shop has been hopping!

fed life 7 barber shop keenan


Just another Manic Monday…. Or rather Mannequin. 

federico life1


The PK Junkies helped create looks for our Beauty Boutique displays.

fed life 3


Our evening estheticians love each other so much they hang out in and out of school!  #FriendsForLife




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