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Gerard Scarpaci brings ARROJO Education to Federico

It was 1996.. the Spice Girl’s released their debut album, Y2K was barely on the radar, and Adam Federico had just graduated cosmetology school. The Federico Family has always been passionate about advanced education so the next logical step was The Sassoon Academy in Santa Monica.

“I first met Gerard Scarpaci when he was working with Sassoon in Santa Monica back in 1996 , I was attending the classic cutting course at the time and he was one of the teachers in class,” Adam says,” I was naturally drawn to Gerard because even at that time he presented a more natural rawness to his approach that stood out from what all the other Sassoon folk were doing .”

Fast forward through Gerard’s career: Sassoon Educator, Salon Owner, Aveda Artistic Director, Joined ARROJO Education and Co-Founded Hairbrained with Randy Taylor.

As Creative Director of FBI, Adam, feels it is extremely important to expose our student body to as much of the industry as we can during their time with us. When the opportunity to bring Gerard Scarpaci to California to educate our students and staff presented itself, he jumped on it.

Students were invited to participate in the Razor Fundamentals course and an intensive Barbering class through our advanced education program.

We hope to help open new networks and create future relationships for them to build on once they graduate. The introduction to advanced education is key to cultivating life long learners and letting them know that there is a whole new world out there for discovery that doesn’t end in beauty school .

Students have benefitted from Federico Beauty Institute’s Master Salon, AJF Salon, for years, but are now gaining access to ARROJO Education because of the partnership Adam Federico has built with the company.

Through a time of corporate take overs and Major conglomerates ARROJO stood on its own, being Independent and offering Education for the hairdresser which seemed to be a dying thing through the early part of the new Millennium . Bringing ARROJO into AJF is by far the smartest and move I have made in a very long time . It is refreshing to be partnered with a company that is independent and education driven . I feel passionate about their message , Philosophy and Methodology, as if it were my own. -Adam Federico

What did our students have to say about the class?

” Take this class, do it… whatever it takes!! ”

” What a great educator!Gerard answered all of my questions and gave me one on one assistance when I was unsure of something. ”

” Do it!! This class was so worth it! I received education that was helpful, fun and challenging. Gerard Scarpaci is such a talented and humble artist. He was very tentative to us students. ”

“Gerard Scarpaci is AMAZING!!!!! I loved the Razor Fundamentals class he taught. I received such wonderful education that was way beyond what I was expecting. I am so lucky to have had training with such a talented and successful artist. ”

“I feel so lucky to attend a school that brings celebrity stylists in to educate us! Best. School. Ever.”

Interested in attending our school or want information about future Guest Artist appearances contact [email protected].