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Hair and Fashion Week 2016

This month we were lucky enough to participate in the Hair and Fashion Week hosted by Bernaes. The event brought local barbers, stylist, cosmetology schools, and fashion designers together to create a stunning visual experience.

Hair and Fashion WeekHair and Fashion Week

We joined Mixed Institute of Cosmetology and the Arden Paul Mitchell School to provide hair and makeup for several of the local designers. The event took students from each school and combined them onto teams, helping to create a sense of community amongst the students of the various schools rather than furthering the rivalries.

Federico Beauty Institute

Everyone worked incredibly well together, embracing each other’s varied education backgrounds.

Hair and Fashion Week 2016

Our very own Ms. LaRhonda was a host for the show on, interviewing designers and various other key players of the show. Our cosmo student Christina D ended up being a model for Hill Tribe designs, absolutely killing it on the runway.

Hill Tribe Fashions Students Ebony and Christina

It was so great that our school could be involved in so many parts of such an amazing event. We can’t wait to do it again.