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How Lymphatic Drainage Can Save Puffy, Sallow, Congested Skin

By Melissa Federico Cash
Co-written by Chandra Green-Tian

What is Lymphatic Drainage?

Developed in the 30s in Paris as a way to drain swollen lymph nodes. It’s used today in facial treatments to improve skin and aid in the drainage of Lymph. This increased circulation helps to detoxify skin and improve its overall clarity and appearance.

Why is Lymphatic Drainage Important?

Unlike your circulatory system which has the heart to move blood, the lymphatic system doesn’t have an organ to move fluids and flush lymph fluids on its own, so toxins and bodily waste can build up in the lymph nodes. For instance poor lymph circulation can result in congestion on the jawline. As the lymph nodes increase and build up, since they act as filters, they get full and clogged that’s when you get a puffy face and jaw. Because the lymph system needs regular movement to work, it requires us to manually drain it; and so, we need to be active and have natural body movement and massage. By activating this big system and getting it to drain out its contents, or the toxins, bacteria, bodily fluids it helps our organs function better, notably the largest organ of the body – your skin.

Starting at the top of the jawline down to the ears, then moving to the brows and up the forehead. Be sure to end with light gliding motions down the neck to the décolleté and clavicles, finishing around the shoulders. The décolleté massage is especially important for really getting everything out of the body. As the final “main drain” via the clavicle massage helps to thoroughly flush the toxins through the blood stream and to be eliminated via the spleen, liver and kidneys.

What Are the Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage?

It delivers instant lifting, toning through this process of gentle manipulation. Increased circulation feeds our cells. It oxygenates and helps with cellular turnover and when toxins build up and cause the filters, or our lymph nodes, to get clogged then our cells are not capable to functioning and nourishing our skin. Different techniques have varying benefits but overall moving toxins out of the body will result in less puffiness and inflammation in skin. This will improve the overall clarity and elasticity of skin and since toxins and bacteria cause other skin concerns that lead to breakouts and allergies, lymphatic drainage is beneficial for acne and asphyxiated skin and nasal congestion.

What Methods Can I Use For Lymphatic Drainage?

Lymphatic drainage requires regular body movement like yoga and stretching. You can also do dry brushing, Gua Shua, jade rolling, and manual lymphatic drainage. Facial massages are the hidden gem of the facial experience because it really does make a difference in the client experience and the results at the end of the treatment when you are able to depuff and define facial features.

Lymphatic Drainage techniques have a multitude of benefits for not only your skin but your whole body. Adding advanced techniques into facial massage treatments via manual massage is one simple yet effective way to improve on the client experience and the results. It’s also highly beneficial for at-home routines and takes only a few gentle manipulations with your hands or Gua Shua stone. Beautiful and healthy skin starts from the inside out.