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How-To Video Contest

We challenged our students to record short videos (2-3 minutes) that taught viewers how to create today’s most popular hair and makeup looks. The goal was to be creative, keep it short, and have fun!

Once the entries were uploaded our celebrity judging panel {see below} reviewed the videos and scored them accordingly. The panel selected the Top 5 videos for public voting.

judges collage

For two weeks, friends and family had the opportunity to vote for their favorite video with the winner receiving $1,000 cash. The competition was fierce and a mere 35 votes separated first and second place.

We sat down with winner, Erica Lee, to find out her thoughts on the Federico Beauty Institute How-To Video Contest.

erica lee cover photo

Congratulations on winning! You seem so relaxed on camera, are you secretly a YouTube star?

This was my very first video ever. When they announced the contest in homeroom I panicked a bit. I had never made a video before, but I knew I didn’t have any excuses to not try. Knowing zero about photo editing, it was important that I get the video in one shot. I just put myself out there and never dreamed I would win.

The voting was really close during the public voting process. Were you worried?

It was insane! I didn’t have as many Facebook friends as my fellow finalists so I really needed to expand my friend base and find a way to reach a larger audience.

How did you end up doing that?

I started by sharing the contest links on the Facebook pages of industry leaders like Hairbrained, Modern Salon, Davines, etc.

I created fun pop culture pictures with sayings about voting for me. Then I would tag friends and the images would show up in their feed.

Bella and Edward Meme

I actually ended up getting requests with specific themes and celebrities.

justin bieber

I tried to keep them really fun and engaging, but also convey the point of voting. The response was really incredible. Though, my brother wasn’t impressed I kept tagging him in pictures of hot guys. That is what family is for, right?!

ryan lochte

You definitely got creative! What do you think you learned from the process?

I really had to dig in and learn to use Facebook. Something that I used to post a random political cartoon or picture on became a serious tool for promotion. I realized the power of marketing yourself on Facebook. Creating an event for voting and then inviting friends helped.. it really was such a huge learning experience.

You were approached about a unique opportunity because of the video contest. Will you share?

Months ago, I attended a men’s cutting class at Cosmoprof, I reached out to the educator on Facebook and asked if he would take a look at my video and consider voting. He messaged me back and asked me to call him. It is still really early and we are talking, but I have been given the opportunity to go to Brentwood and film tutorials for a new company. The whole thing is very exciting. I feel like my perspective of the industry is rapidly changing!

What is your plan for the $1,000?

It is going to be an awesome down payment on my student loans!

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