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If You Need a Daily Cleanser, Go for the Milky Cleanse

By Melissa Federico Cash

Facial cleansers are a foundational part of any skincare routine. There are different types of cleansers because it takes varying ingredients to control and balance different skin types. One type of cleanser is constantly overlooked and can be used daily on any skin type: the milky cleanser. We are going to spill all the details on how to use it and the top creamy-type cleansers that deserve a spot in your skincare lineup.

Milky cleansers are typically formulated with creamy or milky consistency to be gentle for consistent use. Leaving the skin smooth and refreshed, they are typically non-foaming as lathering agents can be harsh and stripping for some skin types. Sensitive, sensitized and mature skin will be the skin type this cleanser is geared for but for as gentle as these cleansers are, they are great for all skin types and remove dirt, oil and makeup!

Instead of active ingredients like salicylic acid, benzo peroxide, or lactic acid that you might find as active ingredients in facial cleansers for oily, acne, or combination skin, you will find soothing and hydrating ingredients that help will help with inflammation and dry, tight skin. And because there are no active ingredients that will irritate eyes, milky cleansers are a great daily item to have around as a pre-cleanse step to break down and remove makeup your makeup. Most milky or creamy type facial cleansers can be used on dry or damp skin. To take off eye makeup apply it dry and to get a good all-over cleanse you can add some cleanser to damp skin and hands and then emulsify in your hands to get a good cleanse started.

“I love Lira Mystique Illuminating Cleanser because it’s purifying and brightening.” – Cari Gillespie Licensed Esthetician and Owner, Renew Skin Studio by Cari

“The Gentle Cleanse by Alastin isn’t a traditional milky cleanser but I love it. It has a creamy gel consistency that slightly foams with the addition of water. It’s strong enough to remove all impurities and occlusive makeup from the skin, yet gentle enough for even the most sensitive or sensitized skin conditions.” – Paula Canavero, Business Development Manager for Alastin Skincare @paula_alastin

“Milky Cleansers are a great way to wash the pillow off your face in the morning. They are also what I reach for to break down my eye makeup and foundation at the end of the day. Epionce Milky Cleanser has a creamy hydrating formula that can be used on damp or dry skin and it won’t dry your skin out with daily use.” – Melissa Federico, Clinical Esthetician Folsom Plastic Surgery @folsomplasticsurgery

“I love the PCA Skin Creamy Cleanser because it removes makeup and gives skin a great cleanse without stripping away too much. It also has lavender which is very calming and healing to the skin. It’s perfect for aging skin, or any skin that has an impaired barrier.” Shauna Lachapelle-Naranjo, Licensed Esthetician, Business and Development Manager

We can’t quite grasp why this type of cleanser gets out-casted. It’s there to take care of your skin and make sure it’s balanced after daily washing and post-procedure. Hopefully, with a few recommendations from some beauty industry professionals, we can convince you to add a milky face wash as a pre-cleanse to break down makeup at the end of the day, as a soothing morning cleanser or for post-procedure cleansing.