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Intercoiffure Fashion Frenzy

In May 2012 Recent alumni, Jennifer Vasquez, was flown to Miami to participate as a finalist in the prestigious Fashion Frenzy contest at Intercoiffure Spring Symposium. We caught up with her to chat about her experience in Florida. Here is her story as told by Jennifer.

I have always been extremely competitive, so when Erin at Federico Beauty Institute introduced me to the world of competitions in the hair industry, I was immediately hooked. I was working on my entry for Beacon and she mentioned I should consider entering Fashion Frenzy, as well.

The Fashion Frenzy contest at Intercoiffure was set up as a before/after picture contest.

before and after

I found out I was 1 of 6 finalists and they were flying me to Miami, FL to compete live on stage at the Intercoiffure Spring Symposium held at Fontainebleau Hotel.


The whole experience was a whirlwind but BABAK was on hand to help capture the moments!


We had mentoring sessions with John Moroney, VP of education for Goldwell and KMS.


Fabio Sementilli of P&G Salon Professional.


Luis Alvarez the VP of Creative and Education and co-founder of Aquage.


The enormously talented people I had the opportunity to meet blew me away. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have an opportunity to interact and learn from all of my Hair Heros in one weekend. Meeting any ONE of them would have been a dream come true and here I was surrounded by everyone!!

ff collage

The second part of the competition was a stage and video presentation. We recreated our look on models and filmed individual video segments that were played during the live online stream of Intercoiffure.


I took 3rd place and had the opportunity to have BABAK shoot my model , afterwards. I still feel like I am living in a dream. Everyday I thank God that I chose to go to Federico Beauty Institute… having a school support me and encourage me to compete and grow is priceless. I will always love my FBI family! ~Jenny xoxo


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