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Ira Pope Sage and Mark Bunkall-Upcoming Education

Ira Pope Sage and Mark Bunkall, the guys behind Epic Hair Movement, will be at Federico presenting an advanced cutting class. The are known for their unique approach to learning and passion for the industry.

What is the philosophy behind Epic Hair Movement?

Epic Hair Movement is about creating healthy positive relationships. We are about sharing eye to eye with any level hairdresser. We are very user friendly like Mac/apple we are not PC. In any way you read that!

We are very music influenced, yet we believe any jerk can buy expensive clothes and try to play like a rock star..  Where we rather aim for is HUMAN STAR, which you have to earn!!  We are givers, giving many personal stories and quotes that we practice in our lives to try to make everyday more successful and happy!

We create a noncompetitive environment that leads to a proper learning experience. We implore our Epic Friends to be themselves because its wasted energy trying to be anything else. Conquer your fears and chase your bliss!

Sorry, I could go on and on!! Just a couple of kids having a radical time!! – Ira Pope Sage



Interested in attending this education? 

Students contact Erin in Student Services 916.929.4242 ext. 203

Salon Professionals/ Alumni contact Kimber Bootay 916.712.8026.