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Joshua Flowers

Name: Joshua Flowers aka JoshXo

Position: Media

Inspirations: Southern California Punk Rock,  Matthew Barney, Spaghetti Westerns, the Early Innovators of the Hair Industry

Joshua Flowers is thrice talented ; he is technically impressive, uniquely creative and a media expert. His presence at Federico seemed organic. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that he loves Slayer .- Adam Federico

What sparked your move to the educational side of the industry?

I find that often times working behind the chair we reach a plateau of skill. Becoming an educator is the best way to increase your own knowledge.  Answering the questions of others reveals questions you may have never asked yourself.

I taught at various educational facilities and developed advanced curriculum before striking out on my own with Weapon of Choice,  an on-line LIVE haircutting show.  I am looking forward to reviving that at Federico.

You relocated from San Diego, California..  What about Federico drove you to make a change?

Have you seen this place?  45 minutes into the tour I knew I had to work here!   First of all, they have an amazing facility and I admire the independent spirit of the Federico Family and I feel like they are an educational facility that really “gets it”.

To have the opportunity to explore in a place that values my creative spirit and will allow me to help push the industry forward.  They read my facebook posts and still like me… so it seems like a good fit.

nicholas wray, sacramento photographer

The JoshXO mission-

Empowerment: Together we can rise up and change the Industry for the better!  We can create the things WE want to see. Believe in yourself. Believe in your art. Challenge those that would have you believe otherwise!