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Make Post-Workout Hair Work for You

By: Sarah Federico, Beauty and Wellness Writer

Preserving your hairstyle while trying to stay fit can be challenging – but these tips can help.

There’s nothing more satisfying than crushing an early morning workout. But it goes without saying that your hair suffers the consequences of that arrangement. And daily washing? It’s not in the cards. While we fought valiantly against the post-workout frizz for many, many moons, we’ve finally realized that we’ll need to work with – not against – the sweat.

Here, we’ve rounded up expert approved tips and tricks for keeping your style intact – while you HIIT like the boss babe you are.

1. Braid It

“Use a primer [such as] R+Co One Prep Spray to mist the hair from root to ends, part it in the middle, and braid it into two even plaits on either side,” says Howard McLaren, Co-Founder of R+Co. “Allow your hair to dry in the braids while you work out and then take the braids out. Flip your hair over and spray dry shampoo throughout to add volume and texture.” Next, hit top pieces with a flat iron to add polish. “The result,” adds Howard, “will be undone waves and texture.”

2. Knot It

If you aren’t a fan of braids – or haven’t mastered the art of braiding your own hair – try twists, which also deliver great post-workout texture. “Apply a light leave-in or smoothing mist before rolling small, 2-inch sections of hair into little balls all over your head,” says celebrity stylist Matt Fugate. Secure the twists with pins. “Once removed, you’ll have great texture after your workout.”

3. Tie It

“Get your hair off your neck and it won’t cling to your skin,” says Philip B., celebrity stylist. “But don’t use just any elastic. Ribbon hair ties are much gentler to your hair and won’t create dents or crimps.”

4. Let It Hang Loose

“If your hair is already in a good place before working out, one of the easiest ways to keep your hair from getting overly sweaty is to take the top half of your hair and loosely clip it at the crown,” says Garren, celebrity stylist and Co-Founder of R+Co. “Take the bottom half and use a soft hair [ribbon] to create a loose ponytail so you don’t get a dent from sweating. The key is to have your hair loosely tied, not yanked tight so that it’s stuck to you and your sweat while working out.”