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Mixing the Fundamentals of Design with Edwin Lombardi

Edwin Lombardi


Founder of BeautyMastermind

Original Sebastian Platform Artist

A true visionary with over 35 years of experience, Edwin Lombardi visited Federico on April 7th to present his class “Mixing the fundamentals of design”. This advanced education class included a live demo and a hands-on session with a select group of students utilizing mannequin heads.  The class focused on texturizing techniques to create a modern classic style.


Sonya, a student who attended the class appreciated the simplistic nature to the presentation, “he takes the fundamentals and simplifies them by removing all the fluff, to create completely attainable designs. He can take these simple ideas and combine them into something that looks almost impossible to do.”

advancededucation_3 advancededucation_2

 Edwin who has worked with some of the biggest names in industry got his start at age 17. Fresh from beauty school, Edwin was given the opportunity to do a two year intensive training program that included private training from Sebastian founder, Geri Cusenza.

Working as platform artist, Edwin traveled the world as a member of the original Sebastian design team. Throughout his storied career, Edwin was a pioneer in the industry utilizing video education and eventually became an Artistic Director for Sebastian creating seasonal hair collections with other industry icons Geri Cusenza and Robert Lobetta.


Edwin gave a homeroom presentation the following day that included a dramatic transformation of one of our own students.

juyEdwin Lombardi