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Nail Designs with T

By Tushiya Hunter, Beauty and Hair Blogger

My nail journey in 2020 had its share of ups and downs. During the Pandemic, my health was the most important thing to me, as well as my hygiene. It’s not easy to take care of natural nails (both your hands and your feet). Indoors, I washed my hands regularly with soap and water. If I were outdoors, I would use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. This started to take a toll on the appearance of my nails. I found myself investing in hand scrubs, exfoliants, moisturizers and plastic gloves exceedingly early in the year. I wanted to protect my skin, nails, hands, and face at all costs.

While I was working from home, in my downtime, I started creating DIY tutorials for myself for new nail color ideas. I would create Pinterest boards for fun ways to create designs, considering that I enjoyed nail art. I found most of my supplies for my DIY nail projects at Target and prepared a basic nail kit that included prep solution, primer, powders, topcoat, polish, and tools. My tools included an application brush, file, clippers, and buffers. For the cleanup, I had Q-tips, cotton balls, cotton swabs, paper towels, and nail polish remover.
My favorite nail polishes that I wore were brands like Essie, Revlon, Marc Jacobs, and Sally Hansen. I wore my bright pink, orange, and neutral colors very often during the Spring because it brightened my mood. It reminded me of happier times when I color coordinated my outfits with my nails weekly.
It’s all about the mood you want to create. If you want something soft and subtle or something vibrant and full of spunk. Also accents like metallics, jewels, or three dimensions.

Let’s break them into seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter. You have cool tones versus warm tones. Also, keep in mind your own skin color plays a part. You want to choose a color that’s a good match for your nail shape preference (square, oval, almond, coffin, stiletto) and complexion.

You often see more muted and delicate colors.
Milky white, Custard tones, Lavenders, Peach, Turquoise, and Silver.


You often see saturated colors.
Neons, Corals, Tangerine Orange, Yellows, Blues, Pinks and Golds.


You often see harmonious colors.
Tonal, Black and White, Grey and Metallics, Oxford Reds, Sapphires and Navy Blues, Tree Green, and Mustard Yellow.


You often see Glittery accents and festive themes.
Ruby Red, Chocolate Brown, Pumpkin Orange, Mint Green and Nudes.

Once you’ve decided on a single color or multiple colors, then it makes it easier to pair with your wardrobe. I usually start with the shoes first and build on that. After I have a complete head to toe look then I coordinate my makeup, hair and accessories.

When I felt comfortable enough to resume with my Nail tech later in the Fall of 2020, I had an appointment scheduled once every month (three weeks apart). If you need a good Nail Salon in New York City, I will highly recommend Art Nail NYC. They are located 35 Bedford Street, New York, NY 10014. They have the sweetest staff who cares very much about their clients and their needs. I’ve been loyal for 2 years now and I love every single design that I’ve had.

My most recent design was for the holidays. I don’t usually do holiday theme nails, and even my nail tech was surprised when I told her what I wanted. But it kept me in good spirits, and I wanted something cheerful to end the year with and I hope that you are inspired and can create some fun nail designs into the New Year!