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Nu Goth Beauty

A trendy Goth look with dark lips, black and white long hair, lace top and a big, black hat.

Do you remember the girls in middle school that only wore black nail polish, heavy eyeliner and mohawks? Well they are beauty gurus now! The Goth style has evolved into not only one of today’s hottest trends but one of the most inspiring ways of life. Despite the common misconception, identifying as Goth does not mean you are an evil person.  The culture is actually for lovers of everything that others may find dark and mysterious.

Two models showing off the Nu Goth look.

There are different subcultures of Goth, like Pastel, Cyber and Victorian, but one of the most popular ones is Nu Goth. It’s like a mix between “traditional” Goth and grunge. The clothes are insanely trendy and the makeup is absolutely gorgeous! Think Morticia Addams meets Lana Del Rey.  There are a few things you need to achieve this look; a bold brow, smudged eyeliner, heavy mascara, and a dark lippy. If black is your favorite color, this look is definitely for you! But don’t feel like you have to be #TeamAllBlackEverything, colors like maroon, plum and midnight blue will also give you that shadowy style.

Goth model with accentuated eyes and big, dark lips.

After researching the Nu Goth trend, I was ready to ditch everything in my closet and take a trip to Forever 21 for an all new, all black wardrobe. I’ll also be opting out for darker lip shades and fuller lashes. I’m not sure if I’m ready to take the full Goth plunge, but I’m definitely getting there while remembering these wise words along the way:

“Life is not all lovely thorns and singing vultures, you know.” –Morticia Addams