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Products We Swear By

Today I took a quick stroll to our beauty boutique because I left my beloved Denman Brush in Arizona a few weekends ago. I’ve been absolutely miserable without it because it’s the only brush that doesn’t pull my hair out when using it. I’ve been stuck using some random brush that I got as a free gift with an eyeshadow purchase (or something like that) years ago and it’s totally not the same. When I was about to pay for my brush, Tina in the boutique recommended a new brush; the Y.S. Park Pro Straight Air Styler. She called it the “Rolls Royce of hair brushes” so I couldn’t turn it down. I can’t wait to try it out!

Tina likes the Y.S. Park Pro Straight Air Styler

So this had me thinking, “What tools and products can’t others live without?” I decided to walk around campus and ask other staff members and students the same question. Hopefully these product reviews will give you the confidence to try something new on that mane of yours.

Tina also loves OSiS Curl Honey and Newsha High Performance Leave in Conditioner

Tina, Beauty Boutique Cashier:
“OSiS Curl Honey is great for natural hair and doesn’t leave you with crunchy curls. Newsha High Performance Leave in Conditioner is seriously a miracle in a bottle! It’s great for heat damaged hair, processed hair and a little goes a long way. We literally sell out every 2 weeks. I have them both in my hair right now.”

Paul shows us his favorite, Tame Wild by OSiS

Paul, Student:
“I really like Tame Wild by OSiS … because it tames my wild hair!”

Leticia showing her favorite; Momo line by Davines

Leticia, Graphic Designer:
“The product I swear by would definitely be the Momo line by Davines…. Because it’s the bomb! No really, if you’re having a hard time relaxing your frizz and dehydrated hair, Momo is the line to consider. It’s non-greasy, really light and it always left my hair soft & shiny!”

Shelby holds up Newsha Leave in Conditioner

Shelby, Student:
“ I also love Newsha Leave in Conditioner because it’s a highly effective leave in spray that conditions and protects my hair.”

If you are interested in any, or all, of these products, drop by our Beauty Boutique:
Tuesdays 11-6
Wednesdays 10-8:30
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Fridays 10-8:30
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