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Reality Show- Hair & Makeup

Our students were recently invited by producers to be the hair and makeup team for America’s Next Best Bartender,  a reality show.  Harvey Lowry, creator of Face Off,  is the mastermind behind this reality show centered around a challenge style competition to crown America’s Next Best Bartender.

Students spent two full days with the cast and crew, October 19-20, 2013.  They will also be on hand for the red carpet finale event on November 2, 2013.

Photo Oct 19, 12 27 15 PM


“It was really great to be on-set with our students.  It is important to learn how to work quickly and efficiently and finish multiple clients at one time.”- Carrie MacDonald, Federico Educator


Photo Oct 19, 9 43 30 AM (1)


Students stayed during the entire shooting schedule to handle re-touches for the contestants hair and makeup.


Photo Oct 19, 9 46 35 AM (1)


Each student will be listed in the credits of the on-air show.  Being able to gain a professional television credit while in school is an incredible opportunity.


Photo Oct 19, 9 46 41 AM


What did the contestants have to say?

“Thank you ladies for doing an awesome job on my hair and makeup for the new hit reality TV show next best bartender! You did an amazing job and it was awesome getting to work with you. I love you because you made me feel so comfortable for the first time having someone else do my hair and makeup! Best of luck to you all! “ -Your next best bartender Rocky Citi!


Photo Oct 19, 11 51 49 AM

Wow!!!!! How amazing your team is!!!! You ladies are so wonderful and did such a great job. You made us all look so great and truthfully were all so beautiful as well. You brought the level of professionalism to the table. Keep doing an amazing job and I know who to go to when I new hair and make up. Not to speak for the whole cast if next best bartender but we loved you ladies!!!!Donovan Mcneely

Stay tuned for details regarding the on-air dates to watch our student’s work on the big screen!