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Sally Rogerson- Guest Artist

We were honored and delighted to host Sally Rogerson at Federico Beauty Institute on Tuesday, August 7, 2012 from 3:30pm- 5:30pm. Both day and evening programs were invited to attend and Sally had a packed house during her education. She spent 2 hours speaking about her start in the industry, time at Vidal Sassoon, the art of consultation and gave a technical presentation.

Her visit was particularly timely as our students are gearing up to head to London, England in October for the next Pivot Point International Study Abroad Trip. Sally chatted with trip goers about the Alternative Hair Show and her favorite places to hang out in the city.

The response received after her presentation was overwhelming and instead of us telling you how awesome the students thought she was… We thought we would let them!

Sally has been my favorite presenter the entire time I have been here. She was engaging, witty, and educational. We need more strong female speakers in our industry, dominated by women. – Erica L.

sally rogerson

I loved her attitude and expertise. She knew how to answer our questions. She made sure she showed the cut at every angle so everyone was able to see what she was doing. Overall amazing experience! It makes me want to pursue this career even more now! – FBI Student

Extremely outgoing and amazing personality! Would love to have her back again!!- Dayna H.

sally rogerson_mizutani shears

Sally kept me interested and was truly inspirational. I understood everything she was explaining and it made me want to go out and better myself. Loved her & her shoes!!! – Bria M.

sally rogerson 2

I got the motivation I needed to remember why I am in the beauty industry. She truly inspired me! – Tonya L.

Her high energy kept me interested the whole time. She was excited to be here and we were super excited to watch her! – Bekie

She was pretty awesome. I loved the cut she did on Maria and she was excellent at explaining each step. I would LOVE to take a class from her! – Tabitha K.

I love the fact that she had such an amazing background and really knew her stuff. I especially loved that she encouraged questions and gave such fabulous pointers on the straight line cute. – Natalia T.

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