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Staff Spotlight: Katie Max

Katie Max

JNS: KATIE! Thank you so much for speaking with me today! Let’s get down to the nitty gritty. What made you want to work for Federico and what is your official position here?

KM: When I started working for Federico, I got a job in the Café, so in all honesty I was just looking for a job.  I moved from the café over to the bookstore, then spa coordinator, then reception manager and now I am the Client Services Manager which means I manage the Beauty Boutique and Reception desk.  I just enjoy everyone that I work with, the students and being able to grow with this company, I have never wanted to leave. It will be 6 years in June.

Federico Beauty Institute Halloween

JNS: That’s fantastic. I feel like so many of our employees have grown with the company, I love that you can stay here and still evolve.  What were you doing in your career before coming to Federico?

KM: Just being a normal 25 year old, living with 3 other people, having no money, trying to figure out the big questions of life!

Federico Beauty Institute Halloween

JNS:  Do you have any advice for students that are just starting out on how to make their time here better?

KM:  Make sure you read the time clock! That thing is the devil and it’s crucial to success here!

Courtesy of Dinkyhim Instagram

JNS:  Ah yes, the time clock struggle is real. Favorite beauty industry related blog or Instagram?

KM:  Dinkyhim! He’s the flyest dog on the block! Dinky all day! Oh wait….beauty related….

JNS: Haha, there’s some fashion and beauty posts there! How about 5 things you can’t live without?

KM: Easy:  Bearded Men, Beer, Liquid Eyeliner, Family and Friends, My right foot.

Federico Front Desk

JNS: Do you have any future projects you are excited for in school or out of?

KM:  I get to go to Disneyland next year with my mom and my Sister is visiting in May with my adorable 2 year old twin nieces! They will be a project all on their own!

JNS: One last question! Do you have any interesting facts about yourself or interesting skills or hobbies?

KM: I give amazing high fives. Always look at the elbow!

Federico Beauty Institute Halloween