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Student Spotlight: Andrew G. Barber Student

Andrew and Dave Diggs the Barber

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT : Andrew G. Instagram: @tugboatthebarber

Andrew is a barber student in his last week of school. During his time here he has become an extremely talented barber. He is a Student Ambassador and was a Student of the Month. We sat down to chat about his time here and here are some things he shared:

Andrew barbering for Sacramento Fashion Week

JNS: “What do you like the most about being at Federico?”

AG: “My fellow barber fam.  Being here with these guys every day, you see them more than your friends and family. It’s going to be weird not seeing them all the time “

Federico Barbers

JNS: “It’s definitely going to be weird not seeing you all the time! What’s your favorite thing you’ve learned so far?”

AG: “Learning the importance of networking and building yourself in the professional world. It took me a while to figure that one out. Also mastering shears, I wanted to go beyond just clipper work and I got there.”

Andrew at High School Career fair

JNS: “Ms. Kay says you’re one of the best shear over comb cutters she’s seen come out of the barber program! Do you have a favorite product to use for finishing your looks?”

AG: “The Reuzel Red and Green pomades. They work awesome, smell hella good, and the can looks cool.”

Andrew at Vietnam Stand Down

JNS: “Any advice for barbers just starting out?”

AG: “Don’t miss school and push yourself to be better every day. You get out of school what you put into it.”

JNS: “Solid advice. Who do you recommend future barbers check out on Instagram?”

AG: “@barbershopconnect, they post pictures from barbers all around the world. Oh, and @tugboatthebarber, obviously.”

Student Ambassadors ready to work the SymposiumBarbering

JNS: “Haha. What are you hoping to do after graduation?”

AG: ”I plan to work as much as possible, I’m looking at a few local shops right now. And I want to continue to learn as much as possible”

JNS: “It’s great that you still want to learn! Well, good luck with your State Board, I know you’ll crush it! We’ll miss you dude.”

Andrew with hair on point