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Student Spotlight: Jeffery P. Barber Student


STUDENT SPOTLIGHT : Jeffery P. Instagram: @el_heffe23

By: JanyNicole Stehman

Jeffery recently graduated from the Barber program at Federico. During his time here he was a Star Student, a Student Ambassador, and the Student of the Month in December.  He has also given himself the title of “Self-elected Student Body President for Life”.  I sat down with him to get a few more details on his barber life at Federico.

Jeff with a duffel of heads

JNS: “What was your favorite thing you learned while at Federico?”

JP: “My favorite by far has been learning and mastering the basic principles of hair cutting, i.e. shapes and techniques. Once you master the basics you’re capable of anything!”

Jeff perfecting a hairline on his client

JNS: “What are your favorite products right now? For you and for your clients?”

JP: “My favorite product right now would have to be the Baxter Clay Pomade, and for clients, it all depends what is going to be best for them!!! The Client’s needs and wants come before my personal picks.”

Jeff with fellow Barber Students, Cosmo Students, and Mr. Doug

JNS: “Do you have any advice for barber students just starting out?”

JP: “Do the MOST!!!! Don’t get sucked into the drama and don’t be afraid to be the ‘over achiever’. In the end, no one else is going to give you what you want, you need to go after it yourself.”

From left to right: Mr. Billy, Jeffery, and Nato

JNS: “So true!  How about favorite hair related Instagrams? Is there anyone currently inspiring you?”

JP: “My favorite Instagram would have to be… Well, there’s two actually. @RBGhair and @Barbershopconnect. @RBGhair is my wife’s Instagram and seeing what she does pushes me to strive for excellent work. The other because it spotlights the industry as a whole.”

Jeff modeling for VisionCast 2015. His group was the winning collection.

JNS: “What are you hoping to do now that you’ve graduated?”

JP: “I’m not HOPING, I’m DOING. Haha. I have accepted a job with Mizutani Scissors and will also be working at Be-You-Tiful Style Lounge in Vacaville.”

Jeff modeling for the Design Forum class. Photo Credit

JNS: “Congrats! That’s awesome that you’ve got so much work lined up right after graduating! What will you miss the most about being at Federico?”

JP: “The fact that I’m with BAE every day, Renato ‘The Chilean Polar Bear’.  <3<3<3

Jeff and his BAE- Nato ‘The Chilean Polar Bear’

JNS: “Well, I know we will all miss having both you and Nato at school everyday! Thank you for having this chat with me and good luck at State Board!”