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Student Spotlight: Jessica N. Cosmetology Student

Jessica sporting her official Hair Nerds shirt

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: Jessica N. Instagram: @jess_lynn916

By: JanyNicole Stehman

Jessica just graduated from Federico but in her time here, she was Student of the Month and a Student Ambassador. I checked in with her for a little recap of her time here at Federico.

Ambassadors at a high school outreach event

JNS: “First off, do you have any advice for a student that’s just starting out in cosmetology?”

JN: “Take advantage of the opportunities that Federico offers. You get out of this education what you put into it. Volunteer for events, become an Ambassador and work the Advanced Education classes. Learn to network with other people that are already successful in the industry you plan to be in!”

JNS: “Great advice! What’s the most interesting thing you’ve learned so far, either at the school or at one of the events?”

JN: “All the various cutting techniques people use. Cutting is what I want to specialize in. Everyone has a different approach and I love learning from them and adapting their style into my own.

Jessica's tattoos showing her dedication to the craft

JNS: “I feel like a lot of people here end up falling in love with cutting. What’s your favorite product right now?”

JN: “I love the Newsha leave in conditioner. The whole product line from Newsha is amazing but the leave in works ammmmaaaaazzzing.”

JNS: “Seriously! I love the repairing mask. How about favorite hair and makeup related Instagrams? Are there any you’re currently loving right now?”

JN: “@Hairbrained_official and @Thehairnerds. Both are places to get education and connections to stylists all over. They’re great resources for finding inspiration and to see new trends.”
Editorial hair done by Jessica. Photo by Nicholas Wray

JNS: “That makes the perfect segway for my ext question, since I already know your answer to it! What are you going to be doing now that you’ve graduated?”

IG: “Haha, I will be interning with the Hair Nerds as well as working at a salon in in Roseville. I have my own chair there!”

Russell Mays with Jessica

JNS: “So exciting! I can’t wait to see what you do with Hair Nerds. Before I let you go, did you like the most about being at Federico?”

IG:  “The Advanced Education! Also all the connections I’ve been able to make with Staff and outside stylists. I know I’ll be able to keep in touch with them and hopefully work with them in the future!

JNS: “Totally! Well please keep in touch with us and let us know what you do in your career!”

Jessica as a modern Marie Antoinette