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STUDENT SPOTLIGHT : Victoria S. Cosmetology Student

Image courtesy of Instagram

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT : Victoria S. Instagram: @t0riasw0rld

Victoria is a Cosmetology Student and one of our Student Ambassadors. She was also  Student of the Month in April. We got together to go over some of her highlights as a Cosmo student here.

Photo by JanyNicole
Victoria doing hair for Sac Fashion Week

JNS: “What’s your favorite thing you’ve learned so far?

VS: “I would say my favorite thing that I’ve learned so far is probably cutting. I really enjoy perfecting a cut, however I know that styling hair is totally my thang. I’ve been doing it for a while and I love creating editorial looks. It almost comes naturally.”

Photo by JanyNicole
Victoria doing hair for Sac Fashion Week

JNS: “I’ve seen some of your editorial looks. They’re very strong. Do you have a favorite product to use?”

VS: “So far I would say Newsha is the one for me right now. I have a few other things that I use on my clients as well, but I think that the whole Newsha line is killing it. I’ve used it on all hair types and I love it!”

JNS: “How about favorite hair related Instagrams? Are there any you’re currently loving?”

VS: “I’m so bad at staying on top of blogs and Instagram. There are all kinds of talented artists out there that have inspired me though, I just don’t really have a favorite.”
Model Styled/Cut/Colored by Victoria, Photo by Nicholas Wray

JNS: “Do you have any advice for a cosmetologist student that’s just starting out?”

VS: “Take your time, don’t rush. Practice makes perfect… Oh! And don’t be scared to ask questions.”

JNS: “What are you hoping to do after graduation?”

VS: ”I am hoping to get into a salon part-time while also booking a ton of events and traveling.”

JNS: “That’s a pretty solid plan! What will you miss the most about being at Federico once you leave?”

VS: “My Federico Family of course! Every last one of you that I have gotten to know and enjoy every day for the last 20 months of my life. You’re my favorite part of being here and I’m going to miss you so much!”

Photo courtesy of Instagram
Left to right: Cosmo Students Lianna F., Irma G, and Victoria