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Study Abroad: Tokyo, Japan

A group of nine very lucky students left October 16, 2013 for “The Land of the Rising Sun,” Tokyo, Japan. After an incredibly long International flight, the students hit the ground running! Throughout their journey the students got to sightsee, learn about Japanese Culture, and engage in Japanese traditions but most importantly the students got to be a part of several educational opportunities that were presented at the Yamano Beauty College by instructors and founder, Jane Aiko Yamano.

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After settling in, the students and chaperones adventured off for an exciting 
exploration throughout the city of inspiration, Tokyo.

Their destinations included: The Meiji Shrine, Sushi Zanmai Cooking School, Tokyo Tower, Hakone National Park, Yamano Beauty College, Yamano College of Aesthetics, Tokyo Disney and the International Beauty Forum.


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The girls received hands-on training from skilled instructors at the Yamano Beauty College as well as the Yamano College of Aesthetics.

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While visiting the Yamano College of Aesthetics, the students and chaperones got to experience a day in the life of Japanese Culture by receiving an ultimate makeover that included hair and makeup along with being clothed in beautifully designed, 12 layered Kimonos. 


During their tour throughout Tokyo, Federico Students got the opportunity to meet students from other schools as well as meet students from different countries. During their trip they also visited two Pivot Point Academies in Tokyo.

For more Images of the ladies exploring Tokyo, Japan please visit our Instagram page: @FedericoBeautyInstitute

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