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Take Flight with Feathers: The Latest Trend

It seems that the latest trend in styling is a flight of fancy: across the country, stylists are giving clients a low-maintenance makeover with feather extensions. From Boston to Berkeley, gals are adding color and texture to their tresses with feathers varying in color, length and size.

How does it work? For those of you familiar with clip-in hair extensions, adding these feather extensions will be a breeze. Feathers are applied at the root in the same manner as clip-in extensions, and are secured with a metal band lined with elastic to protect the follicle. Feathers can be added one by one, or in groups of three for a more prominent highlight.

All kinds of feathers are being added for enhancement, but the most popular varieties are striped saddle feathers, dyed rooster feathers, and the ever-elegant peacock plume. The only limit is your imagination! Layering the feathers together in different lengths and colors makes the pieces pop, but for a more natural look, neutral feathers close to the natural hair color gets the job done. Be sure to ask clients what type of feel they’re going for and choose your color palate according to their wishes.

One of the biggest benefits of this styling trend is the ability to change looks without committing to anything permanent. Because feathers are a natural material, they can be washed and lend easily to many styling options, including drying, curling, flat ironing, and updos.

For special occasions, feathers can even be concealed beneath other layers of hair for a regular style, or they can be playfully teased into something more magical. With proper care, they’ll last anywhere from two weeks to six months—talk about a bang for your buck!

The ease and impermanence of feather extensions make them a practical and affordable choice for giving an exquisite and earthy edge to your client’s look. For those afraid of commitment, feathers allow for short-term flings; once she’s ready to make another change, all clients need to do is come back in to have the extensions removed.

The next time you want to create something truly unique for a customer, try suggesting feather extensions, and be delighted at the positive response customers have with their new no-muss no-fuss option!