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Theatrical & Prosthetic Makeup Education

Each year Federico students learn theatrical and prosthetic makeup as a part of their regular curriculum to prepare for the Halloween season. We sat down with Sativa Dimas who is heading up the education for these highly anticipated classes in 2013 to get all the “gory” details.


What was the inspiration for the look in this video?

The scenario I had in mind was a “nuclear fall-out victim”. She escaped just in time from a nuclear explosion, but not without minimal skin sores, lesions and deformity. Luckily for her, her mind was still deemed “normal”.

What techniques and practical applications are the students learning in your class?

Practical applications would be basic prosthetic application using Spirit Gum and Latex, and makeup. Special techniques taught were: building the scenario, tissue technique, blood mixtures, and tool and makeup techniques to create detail.

It was a great change of pace from our normal day to day classes. We got to express our creativity in a whole different way. – Katie D.

What inspires your love for the theatrical/ prosthetic makeup?

My love for this type of makeup comes from my love to create and play with colors. I’m one of those people that will go into a store and say.. “I can make that”, and I will. With my own flair and upgrades, of course!

It really showed me a lot. We took plain tissue mixed with latex and turned it into this really scary creation. – Jennyfer C.

See our students gruesome creations live at Corbett’s House of Horrors every Friday and Saturday night in October at 360 N Sunrise in Roseville, CA!