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Top-5 Spring Hair Trends that Everyone will be Buzzing About

By: Sarah Federico, Beauty & Wellness Writer

Expect to see these aspirational – yet achievable – looks all over your feeds.

It’s official. Buds are poppin’, the weather is warming, and we are ITCHING to try on a different style vibe. Perhaps Gen Z’s latest proclamation of center parts equaling youthful appeal plays a small role, but we’re also looking to shed that pandemic skin – er, hair – and move on to sunnier moments.

To get details on Spring’s hottest hair looks, we’ve rounded up expert opinions from around the web. And whether you’re looking to make a quick change or a full-on transformation, you can be certain that there’s a perfectly covetable style here for you.

Read on to get Spring’s top-5 most wearable looks, now.

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The Modern Mullet

Once thought of as a nod to 80’s style gone bad, 2021 has picked the mullet up, dusted it off – and made it a feeling. But the style is not for the timid. Rather, this style is perfect for women who have grown tired of balayage and beach waves. And it turns out, there are a lot of them. Luckily, it works for a variety of hair types and textures if you’re daring enough to go there.

“Mullets have taken on a less boxy and more feminine approach these days,” Naeemah Lafond, Amika Global Artistic Director, tells InStyle. “The softer shape has made the notorious classic a more approachable trend that appeals to all textures.”

The Short Shift

There is something to be said for a style that boasts that ‘newness’ – and though long, beach waves were once the end all, be all – many of us are ready to try something different. That’s why we’re predicting the emergence of short, shaggy texture. Adam Federico, Director of Content for R+Co agrees.

“Spring’s most prevalent styles will be shorter,” says Federico. And, he adds, “they’ll have an effortless, carefree texture. I’m calling the styling ‘The Shift.’ That’s because I imagine cutting in a way that allows for versatility, being able to shift from dressed and polished to a little more raw and carefree.”

The Shag

Though definitely trending, the modern shag haircut is nothing new. In fact, we shared our love for this ultra-wearable cut, here.

“It’s a hippie, French New Wave slash beachy, seventies kind of thing,” says Jayne Matthews, Owner and Creative Director of San Francisco based Edo Salon. “When you get [a shag] they look cool and lived in. You can wake up in the morning, maybe tuck it behind the ear, touch the bangs a smidge and it looks good. The less you do, the better it looks.”

Well … We can definitely see the appeal in THAT.

Curtain Bangs

Another Federico Beauty favorite, the curtain bang is certainly enjoying a moment. This celebrity favorite features angled bangs that are shorter in the center and longer on the sides. The sweeping, short to long cutting technique allows the hair to part down the middle, much like a curtain.

But it’s not just the shaggy, boho-chic aesthetic that draws fans to the look. Part of the appeal lies in its low-maintenance upkeep.

“They don’t take on the commitment of adding a full-throttle bang to your hair,” says Alex Brown, celebrity stylist. “They’re less work and easy to grow out.”

Natural Curls

Soft, textured and oh-so voluminous – natural hair continues to trend. And we’re SO grateful, because the full, and expansive styles feel organic and fresh.

“Natural hairstyles are showing no sign of fading away,” Takisha Sturdivant-Drew, celebrity stylist, tells Pop Sugar. “They are fashionable, easy for people to do on their own, and can be styled in so many ways.”

For spring, look to styles that are both curly and defined.

“This [look] is tighter and has more of a coarse texture,” says Sturdivant-Drew. “The 80’s retro look will be a major hit as we approach spring and summer.

Not sure how to make the most of your natural hair? Check out our simple guide, here.