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VisionCAST 2015

By JanyNicole Stehman

Over the holidays the students divided into groups and did a creative editorial photo-shoot competition we dubbed VisionCAST 2015. They were able to decide what they felt the upcoming hair and makeup trends would be, style their group members to reflect those trends and post the images online. Winners were picked by one final shot posted to their Instagram. Picking the winners proved to be incredibly difficult. We laughed, we cried, drank too much coffee and we were finally able to decide on the two best images.

Boyakete Inai-The winning AM image
Boyakete Inai-The winning AM image

“Boyakete Inai”

The winning AM look had a Japanese theme with inspiration from the 80’s punk scene and the movies Tron, Blade Runner, and a dash of Grease.  It was edgy looks with bright pops of color to offset all of the dark overtones.

Models Jeff P., Colby T., Erin D., Deia F.

Makeup by April L.

Hair by Sonya M., Keith Z., Sophia A., Nato N., Zak M.

Colby T, Deia F, Erin D, Jeff P Erin D Erin DClockwise from upper left- Jeff P, Keith Z, Nato N, Sonya M, Zak M, Erin D, Deia F, Colby T, April L, Sophia A Erin D Jeff PColby TDeia F

Deia and Erin with Makeup Artist April L

Deia F Deia F

Don’t go Chasing 90’’s Girl Groups- The winning PM image
Don’t go Chasing 90’’s Girl Groups- The winning PM image

“Don’t go Chasing 90’’s Girl Groups”

The winning PM look was for winter 2015 and based on 90’s girl groups, such as TLC and Spice Girls. It was playful with plenty of attitude.

Model Lianna F., Theresa P., Amanda I., Barbara G.

Hair and Makeup by Maira T., Angie V., Brenda P., Celina B., Berit B.

Photo’s by Berit B.

From left- Lianna F, Theresa P, Amanda I, Barbara G
Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall 2015 Models from left- Lianna F, Theresa P, Amanda I, Barbara G

 Barbara G    Amanda I  Theresa P and Amanda I

Everyone did such an amazing job and this was an incredibly difficult decision. Congratulations everyone on doing fantastic work!