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Yes. You. Can. Self-Care During Mercury Retrograde

By: Sarah Federico, Beauty & Wellness Writer

Sound the alarms: Mercury is in retrograde.

That’s right friends. Mercury is officially taking a nap. And while she sleeps, you can expect her charges – communication, travel and technology – to run amuck.

While we don’t purport to be expert astrologers, we can say from experience: periods of retrograde can be stressful. Luckily, we are experts on the topic of self-care. Here, we’ve outlined some of our favorites ways to keep calm – and carry on in the face of planetary discord.

1. Essential oils. Using the right essential oils can help to reduce stress – and stave off anxiety. But with so many options out there, knowing which one to reach for can be puzzling. While many different oils can be used to provide stress relief, Lavender Oil is always at the top of our must-have list.

“Lavender essential oil has anxiolytic, or anxiety-reducing properties and has been well studied throughout the world,” says Dawn Langley-Brady, RN, a certified clinical aromatherapist and nursing instructor at Augusta University College of Nursing. In fact, a 2017 study showed that lavender oil can provide a calming effect without sedation, which can be beneficial for mental health.

Try Herbivore Sea Mist Lavender + Sea Salt Beach Wave Hair Mist. Formulated with soothing lavender, plus touting the same salinity as the Pacific Ocean, this naturally fragrant sea salt spring will bring new life – and beachy volume – to locks, with ease.

2. Rest easy with silk. Whether you sleep peacefully, or you toss and turn, upping your pillowcase game can help to make mornings easier. That’s because an ultra-soft silk pillowcase can help to prevent the frizz and dehydration caused by traditional pillowcase friction. Smoother hair equals smoother mornings – and less tumult throughout the day, too.

3. Embrace next-day hair. Sometimes self-care means learning when to say no to shampoo and a blowout. Luckily, oil-absorbing dry shampoos make this process painless – and gorgeous, too. Try R+Co Bleu Retroactive Dry Shampoo, which works to effortlessly refresh, renew and reboot less-than-fresh hair.

4. Self-care Sunday? Nope. Self-care, every day. Self-care Sunday: a kitschy little phrase established to remind us to give ourselves some weekly love. But we say, self-care every day! No, not literally every day. But give yourself permission to lavish yourself with care – regardless of the day – whenever you need it.

5. Manicured. Oftentimes, that pretty little pop of color is all you need to spark joy. Never you mind about which hues are on-trend – just pick your pleasure and go for it. For extra staying power, finish the look with CND Vinylux, which will last for up-to seven days.

6. Gua Sha. Skincare? YES. But hear us out. Gua sha melts stress induced tension commonly carried in our head, neck and jaw. So, while your coveted tool can help to increase circulation and plump skin, it can also help to release long-held tension in these high-stress zones.

While Mercury in retrograde can be stress-inducing, it can also provide an opportunity for valuable spiritual work. Take this time to invest in self-care – plus clear out your emotional and spiritual body, too.